If there is something that has characterized this game since its creation, then it has been one of the best real-time strategy and tactics games of all time. Along with better stats, this unit also has the ability to call in lightning/thunder strike attacks every 3 seconds. The Baby Prez unit has 500 HP, 50 attack, and fires at a very fast rate (4 times per second). The Zug 209 unit has 20 attack, 100 HP, 15 range, and 10 armor/pierce armor. natural wonders: Allows you to control animals. Beta Version, This cheat code gives you 1,000 wood in the BETA version of the game.

When turned on, all buildings, units, upgrades, constructions, etc will be instantly completed (100% progress). What's the Baby Prez you ask? Below is our searchable list of all 40 Age of Empires 1 cheats. Kills all other civilisations including allies, except yours. This cheat code reveals the entire map (all black areas in the map on the bottom right hand corner of the screen will be shown). Beta Version, This cheat makes you resign, causing you to lose the game. >>>Don't forget to check out: Games Like Age Of Empire For Android: 5 Best Alternatives To AOE On Android. Note: These Age of Empire 2 cheat codes can only be used in single-player or campaign mode.

To use a cheat, all you have to do is press the return key/enter on your keyboard and write one of the following commands in the chat box: Cheese steak jimmy’s – grants 10,000 food, Ninjalui – grants 10,000 of all resources, Torpedo[number] – kills player [number on diplomacy screen]. To kill the player with starting position 1, you'd use kill1, kill2 would kill the player with starting position 2, etc. This cheat spawns a unit named "St. Francis" at the town center. The Winsett's Z is a black car containing a man with a rocket launcher. The rocket launcher in this car has much lower attack than the Winsett's Z (600), but fires at 5 times its speed, which makes them about even. HOWEVER, the game will complete all the units you started! Fires rounds of bullets, impressive long range, and high hit points, armour, and damage. They were once commonplace, easy to use and often extremely odd. A recent study indicated that 100% of herdables are obese: Make all the animals on the map fat. Codes labelled with a Rise of Rome badge require that you have the Rise of Rome expansion pack installed. Age of Empires 2 for PC, also known as AOE2 or AOK, is another game that will never go out of style.

Type the name of a cheat code into the search box box to instantly search all 40 AoE cheats in our database. Typing it again will turn it off.

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