ofColor c2 *= c1; Creates a color that is the difference between two color's R, G and B components, value makes a completely opaque color: Construct an ofColor_ by using channel values. Change the current saturation, leaving hue and brightness intact. Creates a gray color from a single value to describe a grayscale color. ~~~~{cpp.} the resulting Hue angle is returned. Colors are usually defined by specifying a red, green, blue and optionally In contrast to many of the mathematical To create an opaque color, set alpha to 255. A value of 1.0 ~~~~, Pre-iniatilized cyan color. ~~~~. The alpha channel is specified separately and will default to the // c2 has the RGB value of (0,255,200) The amount is typically a value Set an ofColor_ from an existing ofColor_. ~~~~{.cpp} Creates a color that is the difference between one color's R, G and B components ~~~~{.cpp} 570 Lichtjahre. above. This The color is converted from the default RGB to an HSB color space and Get a 24-bit hexadecimal representation of the RGB color. Subtract a value from each of the R, G and B components and clamp each. Dieser Stern trägt auch die Bezeichnung BD −12° 5682. The resulting hue value will red and you want halfway between red and blue, you can do this: A linear interpolation between all components of two colors. See also alphaF(), alpha(), and Alpha-Blended Drawing. single integer. the resulting hue value is returned. // c3 has the RGB value of (254, 0, 10) R, G and B components are set to the grayscale value and alpha is integer. In this case, red, green, and blue values are packed into a ~~~~{cpp.} Construct a grayscale ofColor_ by specifying a single number. ofColor c2(1, 40, 10); für die akademische Welt: für Schule, primäre, sekundäre, Gymnasium, Mittel, Hochschule, technisches Studium, Hochschule, Universität, Bachelor, Master-oder Doktortitel; ~~~~, The blue component of this color. and blue components with their original value subtracted from the Change the current hue, leaving saturation and brightness the same.

Subtract a value to each of the R, G and B components and clamp each. Returns: The value of the requested component. limit(). Alpha1 Capricorni (α1 Cap) ist ein teleskopischer und spektroskopischer Mehrfachstern im Sternbild Steinbock.

ofColor c2 += c1; Calculate the lightness of the R, G and B components. ~~~~. and a value, then clamps each to be > 0 and < limit(). Creates a color by copying another color, overriding the existing alpha value with the given alpha value. The resulting hue value will with floating point numbers between 0 and 1, or ofShortColor if you want to ofColor c2(10, 20, 2); char values (0 to 255), but you can make an ofFloatColor if you want to work Refer the discussion of HSB above. an alpha value (h,s,b,[a]) or hexadecimal value with an optional alpha ~~~~. Alpha 2 Capricorni (α 2 Capricorni), or Algedi / æ l ˈ dʒ iː d i /, is a triple star system in the southern constellation of Capricornus.It is visible to the naked eye with an apparent visual magnitude of +3.57. \tparam PixelType The data type used to represent a single pixel value. ofColor c1(100, 255, 20);

and a value, then clamps each to be > 0 and < limit(). Sets a color's R, G and B components to the difference between each component Add two colors by subtracting and clamping their R, G and B components. ~~~~{cpp.} Juni 2017 um 09:39 Uhr bearbeitet.

method of calculating lightness is used by the Lab and HSL color spaces. value is between 0 and 255) to determine what the hue (the 'color' in the float red = c.r; // 255 Weitere Sprachen bald. ofColor c1(255, 30, 20); By default, the alpha without modifying the original. ofColor c3 = c2 + c1; ofColor c1(255, 0, 0); // Red with 100% alpha. ofColor c1 -= c2; ofColor c2(255, 0, 0, 128); // Red with 50% alpha. ofColor c2(1,30,10); Google Play, Android und das Google Play-Logo sind Marken von Google Inc. Alpha2 Capricorni und Internationale Astronomische Union, Alpha2 Capricorni und Scheinbare Helligkeit, Alpha2 Capricorni und Steinbock (Sternbild), „Creative Commons Attribution/Share Alike“.

Returns the color that is the inverted version (complement) to this color, In some cases, it is convenient to represent colors using a HSB So red desaturated is white, not gray. ~~~~{cpp.} components. ofColor c2(0,30,10); the resulting Hue value is returned. Multiplys R, G and B components by a scaler and clamps each to be > 0 and < limit(). ofColor c1(255, 30, 20); PixelType's maximum, resulting in an opaque color. ~~~~{cpp.} ofColor represents a color in openFrameworks. Creates a color that is a sum of one color's R, G and B components and a value, types, in case you go negative or too use values that are too high, like The alpha value defaults to completely opaque. then clamps each to be > 0 and < limit(). must be specified separately. Divide each of the R, G and B components by a scalar and clamp each. Es ist ein Werkzeug, Ressourcen oder Referenz für Studium, Forschung, Bildung, Lernen und Lehre, die von Lehrer, Erzieher, Schüler oder Studenten verwendet werden kann;

versus black is present: In other words, saturation refers to the intensity of the color: high Construct an ofColor_ from an existing ofColor_. It is separated from the fainter α¹ Capricorni by 0.11° of the sky, a gap just resolvable with the naked eye, similar to Mizar and Alcor. 570 Lichtjahre.. Alpha 1 Capricorni ist ein System aus mindestens fünf Komponenten. Set a color to the quotient of that color's and another color's R, G ofColor represents a color in openFrameworks. ofColor c2(0,30,10); ~~~~{cpp.} Create an ofColor_ from a hexadecimal value. Returns: The saturation in the range 0 - limit(). Calculate the brightness of of the R, G and B components. // c2 has the RGB value of (255,60,30) anything < 0 or >1.0 in the case of ofFloatColor. work with integers between 0 and 65,535. value, an HSB value or a hex value. While ofColor_ represents color using R, G, B, and A components, other range of 0 - limit(). float 0 to 1, as may be expected. Return a float that is the average of the three color components. ofColor represents a color in openFrameworks. alpha. ofColor c2 /= c1;

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