I think he really helped us dial in our sound and opened up a whole different way of tracking. “I may not have been born with a crown on my head, but mom gave me muscles and knuckles instead,” I’ll tell you right now brother, I’ve had to use those knuckles many times in my life to get me out. I think that was information leaked that has no truth behind it. That’s the whole idea, right…? There’s a suspense to it. Guns he was the touring bassist during part of the time Jizzy Pearl was the band's singer, and replaced touring bassist Stefan Adika, and was himself reportedly fired due to the return of the original lineup. TMR: Well, if you do find yourself with some free time, Cincinnati needs you brother. That was the whole idea behind the lyrics of that song. I like not to over analyze anything, so we just organically have these ideas come up.

This website uses cookies so that we can provide you with the best user experience possible. Then maybe the people will go back and revisit the first record. CG: Oh man, we’ll be there. If you look at the past you’re done bro. We’d love to see you wearing one, so … I like that about rock n roll. I think it adds to the show really nicely. CG: Yeah, and that is something that I had to get adjusted to as well. That song is you. TMR: I’m going to kind of jump around here from my original plan of attack, but this leads me to a later question. It was very important for us to do that. I know she is on the first record, but she’s featured a bit more on this one. Trying to get these kids to listen to an entire record now instead of just a single. I always love seeing you with Alice, but I really can’t wait to see Beasto Blanco on the stage someday. Currently you have JavaScript disabled. A rock ‘n roll city for sure. This record captures that idea, because it is a heavy record, without necessarily always being fast. TMR: The first record was really intense.

… CG: Well, you matter to us. I’ve heard a rumor , and I don’t know if it’s true, that The Alice Cooper Band, Ryan, Tommy, Glen, Nita and yourself, are working on a project together? We didn’t push anything to the side because the tempos weren’t fast enough, or because it was a different idea than the first record. Beasto Blanco "We Are" Hand Autographed CD Bundle INCLUDES: HAND AUTOGRAPHED SLEEVE SIGNED BY ALL 5 MEMBERS, DELUXE JEWEL CASE EDITION, BEASTO BLANCO ALBUM GUITAR PICK, 4” VINYL STICKER AND LIMITED PRINT 4x4" INSERT! And Beasto Blanco having Calico Cooper in it with the theatrical side of the show as well, we needed to really hone in on some different tempos. We worked for everything we’ve ever had. That’s a great city. Garric is also in an original band named Beasto Blanco that released a self-titled CD in 2013. We Are is the follow up album to their highly successful 2016 self-titled sophomore release Beasto Blanco. That’s our credo. It definitely made me appreciate who I am and where I come from, and that’s sort of where that song comes from.

Voicetraxwest; This article about a United States bass guitarist is a stub. [2] The current bassist for Alice Cooper, Garric has played bass for Billy Bob Thornton, Ted Nugent, Don Felder, and Journey at the Alice Cooper Christmas Pudding for the past three years.[3]. Strictly Necessary Cookie should be enabled at all times so that we can save your preferences for cookie settings.

There is no stopping with you. TMR: I know Alice is getting together with members of the original Alice Cooper Band for a project. I was never surrounded by anything like that. People were taken to this because they realized that there was something lacking in their life. CG: Yeah, thanks man. We were a very, very blue collar family. TMR: I definitely think you should be. Your email address will not be published. Garric was the owner of VoiceTrax West recording studio in Studio City, California.

I appreciate you taking the time out to talk to us. TMR: Okay, one last question, and it’s not Beasto related. Turd released two records: Turd up the volume and Turdville U.S.A. Garric and Jon Morris from Turd both played in Gene Loves Jezebel for a very short time. Dennis Dunaway: “Cold Cold Coffin” Interview, Alice Cooper Concert Review / Set List – 7/6/14 Cincinnati, OH Riverbend, Alice Cooper: Raise the Dead – Live from Wacken. It was produced by Ryan Green and myself. This website uses cookies to provide you with the best browsing experience. INDIVIDUALLY NUMBERED, Beasto Blanco "We Are" Hand Autographed CD Bundle, Beasto Blanco "We Are" Deluxe Vinyl Bundle.

It just sort of happens naturally. The Music Room: Hey Chuck! Check out Beasto Blanco’s latest video for ‘Solitary Rave’ below! The new record is intense as well, but it has some new layers to it that maybe weren’t present on Live Fast. Actor Ben Whishaw has played Mr Banks, voiced Padd. CG: I’m actually in the car driving to a gig right now. Garric has been with Alice Cooper since 2003. Influenced by bands such as White Zombie and Motorhead, Beasto Blanco’s music is a potent mix of heavy riffs, driving bass and melodic choruses. And with the current state of music right now, especially the rock ‘n roll state,  there’s obviously some people that still have a huge love for it…myself being one. The current state of rock music…you hear so many people bitch about not wanting to make new music because there’s no money to be made. Does this current state benefit a band like Beasto Blanco?

That’s the beauty of rock n’ roll. dinners, hot dogs and mashed potatoes.

TMR: Did Tommy (Henriksen) have any…I know on the first record he brought that industrial sound to the record, did he have any input or influence on this record? TMR: For the first single you guys chose to go with the cover of “Feed my Frankenstein.” What was the thought process in covering that song and putting that one out there first? TMR: Right on. Tommy was a major part of Beasto Blanco. Talk about somebody who gives 110%. LIMITED STOCK ORDER NOW! From the album opener “The Seeker” to the closer “I See You In It,” it is clear that Beasto Blanco wear their influences on their sleeve. We Are is the follow up album to their highly successful 2016 self-titled sophomore release Beasto Blanco. Sonically, I think it sounds so good. When he brought in some of his influences with the industrial sound and underlying samples, he played a major part in helping us define who Beasto Blanco is right now. Have you taken a look at our online EXCLUSIVE Beasto Blanco T-Shirt designs at Hot Topic yet? Welcome to the official Beasto Blanco Facebook page. It has to be autobiographical. Then you start it over and listen to it again.

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