The BEV i3 now has 24% more rated range (153 mi) than the range-extended version (126 mi), and we're not sure why that is. It wasn't until I was back at home editing the video recordings that I realized I was incorrect.

We were able to secure the vehicle from my friend, Chris Neff, a 3-time i3 owner who had previously leased a 2014 i3 REx and a 2017 i3 REx. We're really surprised the i3 REx isn't EPA range rated around 137 miles, (12% less than the BEV version) as it seems that would be more appropriate. The i3 is slow to 60 mph but it’s damn quick to 30 mph and it’s shockingly fun because of it.
As always, we set the tires to the manufacturer's recommended pressure right before the drive. Now that he's leased a 2020 i3s REx, he's had an i3 with every battery option that BMW has offered on the vehicle. Check out our previous 70mph highway range tests for the vehicles listed below: Were the results about what you'd expect? Is there an EV you'd like to see us range test next? BMW Plant Regensburg to produce electric drive components from 2021, 2021 BMW M440i xDrive Photo Gallery from Germany, SPIED: BMW iNEXT Test Mule Seen at the Nurburgring, Video: BMW 2 Series Gran Coupe gets IIHS Crash Tested. 2020 BMW X3 xDrive30e Hybrid - Is This The Best X3 Model? The EPA range rating for the 2019 and 2020 BEV i3s is 153 miles. The i3 REx has a 2.4-gallon fuel tank and averages 31 mpg. The construction of a car typically doesn’t generate excitement but the i3’s should, as it’s the only car on sale with a carbon fiber tub under $100,000.

Research the 2020 BMW i3 with our expert reviews and ratings. In fact, it was dated before it debuted. VIDEO: What’s More Fun: E46 BMW M3 or a Mazda MX-5? The 2014 through 2016 model year i3s had a 21.6 kWh battery. AC Electric Motor; 42 kWh high voltage battery; Fully charged in under 6 hours, Rear-wheel drive Starting MSRP $44,450 Build … Let us know in the comment section below. A couple of weeks ago, we were able to get a 2019 BMW i3s BEV from BMW to conduct our InsideEVs 70mph highway range test and the baby Bimmer finished up with 141 miles of range. 2020 BMW i3s REx 70 MPH Highway Range Test,, Tesla Owner: What An Honest Model Y Vs Model 3 Review Should Look Like, GMC Reveals 350-Mile Hummer Electric Pickup Truck: $79,995 To $112,595, Tesla Model Y Efficiency Proves Better Than Model 3 In Winter Testing, Tesla Model S Performance Loses To Ferrari F8 Tributo In Drag Race, Chevrolet Bolt EV Reportedly Catches Fire While Parked In Driveway. Additionally, our 70mph highway range tests have demonstrated that the real driving range of the two vehicles is indeed closer than the EPA range would indicate, and more in line with the EPA-rated range relationship of previous year's versions. Home » Models » BMW i » i3 » The BMW i3 is One of the Best Old Cars Still on Sale, per Top Gear. Tom Moloughney.

2020 Hyundai Ioniq 70 MPH Highway Range Test: Amazingly Efficient! In that case, the BEV i3s had 10% more rated range than the i3 REx. So it’s not exactly as it was when it first went on sale. However, as a car, the BMW i3 is still great to drive and it does make for a great city car. Tesla Model Y 70 MPH Highway Range Test: How Far Did It Go? Then in 2018, I leased an i3s BEV which was EPA range rated at 107 miles (172 km) per charge and the REx version was rated at 97 miles (156 km). We do these 70mph range tests to provide another data point for potential customers that are looking for as much information on the driving range as they can get. In fact, it was dated before it debuted. During the video, I repeatedly state the i3 BEV we tested had a 3.4 mi/kWh rating on the highway range test which is incorrect.
Its carbon fiber passenger cell makes the i3 extremely unique but it also makes the i3 extremely light and nimble.

Test Drive and Review, 2020 BMW M2 CS - Should you buy one? If BMW sticks to the same incremental battery increases as they have in the past, the new battery should be roughly 56 kWh, and have an EPA range rating of just under 200 miles (322 km). The BMW i3 isn’t and old car in the grand scheme of things but it is among the older cars on sale at the moment. | 4500 km Review, Here's how the BMW iX3 is made at the Shenyang Plant, The new 2021 BMW M4 gets delivered by helicopter in Monaco, 2021 BMW 4 SERIES CONVERTIBLE - Exterior, Interior, Driving and Release Date, 2021 BMW M3 Competition (G80) live from BMW Welt, 2021 BMW M4 Coupe - Design Review, Engine and Exhaust Sound, 2021 BMW M3 G80 – It's More Than Just The Grille, EXCLUSIVE: NEW BMW M3 Competition with M Performance Parts, MINI COOPER SE – City Test Drive and Review, SPOTTED: 2021 BMW 4 Series (M440i) shows its large kidney grille, 2021 Rolls-Royce Ghost - A V12 Luxury Powerhouse. However, we do our best to control what we can. But then in 2019 when BMW increased the battery to 44.2 kWh, the difference in rated range for the two versions became much more pronounced. Our own Horatiu is on his third i3, living in Chicago, and loves it. However, in the case of the i3 REx, it has such a good electric range it's really more of a BEV than it is a PHEV, and we also wanted to compare the two versions. The total EPA range rating for the i3s REx is 200 miles; 126 on battery and 74 more once the range extender turns on. One of the selling points of the BMW i3 electric car was the optional Range Extender.The REx in the BMW i3 supplements its battery pack with an 0.6-liter 38-hp 2-cylinder from the BMW C600 … In less than 2 minutes, I pull off the highway, fill up the tank, and return back onto the highway. We'd also like to know what the readers think of our 70mph range tests. Granted, the conditions were perfect, but the point of the video was to show how refueling the REx wasn't very inconvenient on long trips when you might need multiple refueling stops. Among those grey-beards, the BMW i3 is among the best. BMW i3 i3 with Range Extender BMW i3s i3s with Range Extender Electric BMW i3. We drove in the default driving mode, which in the i3's case is "Comfort Mode". Typically, the Bavarians have a hard six-year model cycle but the i3 is going on seven years now. When I bought my 2014 i3 REx, the EPA range rating was 72 miles (116 km) per charge, and the BEV version was 81 miles (130 km). There was a very mild 3mph wind from the west and the temperature was in the low 90's (32-34C). The i3s REx finished up with 126 miles (202 km) driven before the range extender turned on, exactly matching the EPA range rating. InsideEVs 70-mph Highway Range Test Chart. A couple of weeks ago, we were able to get a 2019 BMW i3s BEV from BMW to conduct our InsideEVs 70mph highway range test and the baby Bimmer finished up with 141 miles of range. The BEV i3s we tested achieved a 141-mile (227 km) result giving it 12% more range than the REx i3s in our tests. Once the range extender is running, the i3 can go about 75 (120 km) more miles, but we didn't fully test that out. Since being on sale, the BMW i3 has been updated a few times, with several battery upgrades.

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