There’s modern thinking with a traditional soft-top roof twist in BMW’s third-generation Z4, a car styled by Australian Calvin Luk. We did not have much visibility out the rear three-quarter view, though luckily its blind spot monitoring system worked well. A pure Motorsport-developed version would simply be too much. Most buttons are within easy reach and if all else fails, say "Hey BMW" and the electronic assistant will be able to assist with navigation, trip data and so on.

Every green light launch, every right-turn onto a large, open street, every corner exit on a twisty canyon road; this engine is silky smooth yet brutal, and makes a beautiful, deep growl all over the tachometer. Read our performance review to read of its potential.

If you do want to use cupholders, you’ll find them in the center armrest, right between the seats. This helps in be more stable and cater for a safer driving experience.

No, Both the trims of BMW Z4, namely sDrive30i and sDrive M40i are available only in Rear-Wheel-Drive configuration. Yet the Z4 is still lacking some of the roadster thrills, instead feeling more well done and sensible rather than overtly exciting.

Set to either Standard, Comfort, or Eco mode, the Z4 rides with a lot of compliance, albeit in some instances a bit too much, which we suspect is because it’s a convertible. To start out though, here’s why the Z4 is a great car, and a great choice to “base” the Supra on. They're really a joy to use and feel pleasingly tactile, plus they're on the wheel itself, not the column. The front-end has plenty of grip while the shorter wheelbase of the car, compared to its predecessor, makes it agile and fun to toss around.

The 30i and M40i team that camera with a forward-facing radar that brings full auto braking functionality. They are lighter, require less complicated mechanisms to work and free up a lot of space.

There was no noticeable twist in the chassis and that’s truly impressive. One gripe with functionality are the buttons for the headlights and foglights; they’re buried on the right of the dash, partially hidden by the steering wheel. CO 2 Emissions. Addressing the haters, our Editor in Chief Tom Martin put it best: The seating position was spot-on: drivers of all shapes and sizes sit nice and low, there’s tons of head clearance for tall folks with the top up or down, and the seat itself had excellent adjustability and bolstering. Please tell us about your experience here. Instead, there’s a “brake intervention” system that can slow the car but not perform a full emergency stop. It is also backed with a wholesome warranty package that includes: The top speed of both the trims of BMW Z4 is electronically limited to 155 MPH. Of course, some would argue that the first BMW roadster that adheres to the more modern definition of the word was the more popular 507 model as it was loved by celebrities and VIPs around the world, despite its rather limited production span. It also features launch control for accelerating hard from a standing start with maximum traction. Top of the Z4 tree is the M40i, priced from $124,900+ORCs. The vehicle is facilitated with an aggressive design language that flows well with the oldest sportscar formula in the world. This is the all-new BMW Z4, tested here in flagship M40i guise.

Active safety has also stepped up, but not to the same level as some much more affordable cars, at least on the base Z4 20i.

Some of  the other safety features will be added to the 2021 BMW Z4 includes: If you are someone who wants a luxurious convertible, gives good performance, and is downright desirable in its looks, the 2021 BMW Z4 convertible would be your best bet. For what it's worth, it is completely possible to drive the M40i daily without ever dialling up its most hardcore modes, but you'd be missing out on quite a lot!

Mercedes-Benz C300 is the bulkiest car of this bunch and it shows in driving dynamics as well.

There’s also ambient lighting, electronically adjustable lumbar support and a 12-speaker Harman Kardon sound system. If there was a winning combination for a happy motoring life, it would be a soulful engine note mated with a convertible body. Instead, there are various metals and other textures that deliver a modern flavour. Though, while piloting the little Bavarian coupe over Southern California’s worst freeway surfaces filled with separations, poorly-filled-in potholes, weird grating we’ve never understood the purpose of, and other topographic annoyances, cowl shake and flex were noticeable. Also, the 2021 BMW Z4 convertible is decently spacious and can easily accommodate a 6 footer because of the really low power adjusted seats.

While the M40i is not marketed as a full-blown M car, there has been some component-borrowing. The stereo system was excellent, and utilized some substantial dash-mounted speakers to bounce sound off the windshield for good convertible acoustics.

2020 BMW X3 xDrive30e Hybrid - Is This The Best X3 Model? Switch DSC off though and things change quite a lot.

Interestingly, the entry-level Z4 sDrive20i's wheel rim (of a thinner girth) is terrific. Subtle tweaks to the front and rear bumpers help bump its aggressive outlook and stand distinguished for 2021. Audiophiles will also appreciate the speakers behind each seat, providing sound from all directions. Subscribe to our WhatsApp newsletter: Share. This is a bit surprising, really, as some vehicles out there with similar power-to-weight ratios can’t get below 4 seconds. Notable creature comfort features in the 2021 BWM Z4 are: The 2021 BMW Z4 is equipped with a 10.25-inch touchscreen infotainment display which is angled towards the driver and sits atop the plush dashboard. I suppose it would be too much to ask BMW to build a pure “analogue” sports car, a lighter weight, manual-equipped version stripped of all but the essentials needed for a spirited drive. In our opinion, the best times to have "convertible experiences" are during the cooler months, when there's less risk of direct sun exposure, plus it offers many opportunities to make use of the seat-heating function. BMW Z4 also uses forced induction to provide the much-needed boost in performance to stay in the game.

With extended stitching and soft-touch material all over the cabin, it retains the Bimmer vibe, even when catching air in your countryside run. Launch Control does its job well, especially considering the M40i can only be had in rear-wheel drive guise. Instead, there’s a “brake intervention” system that can slow the car but not perform a full emergency stop. BWM has not disclosed on a launch date but as per rumors, we expect the 2021 BMW Z4 to be launched by the fall of 2020. The engine under the hood of the Z4 M40i is BMW’s B58M30O1 single twin-scroll turbo I-6. Best to use one of the two USBs, one under the centre stack to interact with the infotainment and another in the centre console just as a charger.

With an option of lining the central console with aluminum accents and also the gear stick, it continues to look like luxurious yet retain its sporty top-down character. The tires also had decent sidewall: 255/35/19 front and 275/35/19 rear Michelin Pilot Super Sports, with excellent grip and not much to note regarding noise. Here goes! Bummer, yes, but not without its upsides. A hardtop version would look even more cooler which can even go twinning with the Toyota Supra and BMW might surprise us with one for 2022.

We like: Styling, raw performance, driving thrills, connectivity.

It also comes with the M Sport kit that lowers the suspension by 10mm and includes some subtle styling tweaks. Definitely a testament to the engine’s smooth power delivery, excellent ride, and highway manners, too.

Android Auto is finally added as standard for 2021 along with SiriusXM Radio service that now comes as standard with a 1-year subscription. Speaking in general terms, most convertibles suffer from an affliction known as scuttle shake, where the lack of a solid metal roof diminishes a vehicle's structural rigidity (and poise).

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