Waking Up 8. It’s always interesting to hear things again, ’cause I never listen to things again. Lanois' steel guitar adds a cosmic country flavor to the music, keeping it human and somewhat down to earth, and transferring the wide-open feel of the desert into outer space. Printed inners in printed outer sleeve with download card, Also to be released as deluxe generative versions for iOS and Apple TV, Reflection is the latest work in a long series. Brian ENO - Apollo: Atmospheres & Soundtracks (1983) Par STREETCLEANER le 9 Septembre 2010 Consultée 4939 fois: AVERTISSEMENT : cette chronique de bande originale de film est également susceptible de contenir des révélations sur le film Brian ENO peut être considéré comme un des pères fondateurs de la musique ambiante. “I was very excited by it,” he recalls now. The idea of using instruments like pedal steel guitar in space music, that really made sense to me.”, “Commerciality was the last thing from our minds,” Lanois says. Perhaps the most surprising turn of events, though, is that the notoriously unsentimental Brian Eno has returned to the album, authorizing a reissue of Apollo and reuniting with Lanois and Roger for an accompanying release, For All Mankind. It started (as far as record releases are concerned) with Discreet Music in 1975 ( - or did it start with the first Fripp and Eno album in 1973? Unfortunately, my copy is really bad, lots of noises, pops and glitch all over the first disc.

The biggest difference this time was that Brian brought his brother, Roger, into the fold. Over The Canaries … That’s the job of music to want to elevate someone to the point of wanting to make a bit of a difference, even if it’s jumping up and down.”, “What you don’t hear on the album is the extreme and heartfelt laughter that went into making it,” Roger says. My lossless digital files have now been joined by this masterpiece which has been a staple of my techno sets (for interludes) and more tech orientated house sets. A good cleaning did nothing to alleviate, sadly.

But within a few years he lost his interest in space travel. Roger is about a decade younger than Brian and spent his teen years playing euphonium and studying music in college. 11.

Roger recalls watching reels that Reinert sent over, but Brian remembers focusing more on still photos. It makes me think things over.

Il est connu pour avoir ét…, Brian Eno (de son vrai nom Brian Peter George St. John le Baptiste de la Salle Eno) est un musicien britannique né le 15 mai 1948 à Woodbridge dans le Suffolk.

9. Brian Eno discusses Reflection Reflection is the latest work in a long series.

Apollo is quiet and rich. And that was really, very … ” His thoughts trail off. “The period from 1945 to 1975, say, which is known by economists as the Golden Age of Capitalism, is entirely wrongly named in my opinion. “We thought they were real drug-dealer outfits from the Seventies.

UMC • 2019.

He was around 24 when he flew to Ontario, Canada, to work on Apollo. One big difference between the albums is that Brian prefers modern technology than the instruments he used on the original. They were about each about 16 inches long.”, “The costumes were nice,” Lanois says. “We had pictures stuck up round the studio, and the way it worked was that a piece of music would start to develop, and one of us would say, ‘Look at that picture there.

Ce 19 juillet, le père de l’ambient ressortira une édition augmentée et remastérisée de son album de 1983. These are then patterned and explored by a system of algorithms which vary and permutate the initial elements I feed into them, resulting in a constantly morphing stream (or river) of music. Within a few years, he made the landmark 1978 LP, Ambient 1: Music for Airports. Découvrez plus de musique, de concerts, de vidéos et de photos grâce au plus grand catalogue en ligne sur Last.fm. Brian Eno strongly believes he saw the flight path overhead of cosmonaut Yuri Gagarin, the first human to travel into space, when he was 12. Brian Eno, Daniel Lanois.

Avec la musique en streaming sur Deezer, découvrez plus de 56 millions de titres, créez gratuitement vos propres playlists, explorez des genres différents et partagez vos titres préférés avec vos amis. Ultimately the filmmaker used some of the music that was on Apollo along with other works in Eno’s oeuvre.
Yeah, but this album always had surface noise because it's a very quiet ambient, drone album with 25 minutes mashed onto each side. 8. C’est la première fois que le trio se retrouve depuis l’enregistrement de l’album en 1983.

“The Cultural Revolution at that time suggested a brighter future for all.

Écoutez Apollo par Brian Eno sur Deezer.

Brian in turn took the piece and “manipulated and chopped it around” and gave it a new chord sequence. And external ones actually - people seem to enjoy it as the background to their conversations. Love it! There was new mobility between the classes and so on. 1. I wanted also that this music would unfold differently all the time - ‘like sitting by a river’: it’s always the same river, but it’s always changing. Complétez votre collection Brian Eno With Daniel Lanois & Roger Eno. Why Are Men So Compelled to Defend Jacking Off on a Work Zoom?

The farmers settle a piece of land and cultivate it carefully, finding more and more value in it. It seems to create a psychological space that encourages internal conversation.

La météo a été mise à jour pour cette ville, Brian Eno remastérise « Apollo » - © DESIREE MARTIN - AFP, Un premier album en duo pour Roger et Brian Eno. A decade into a solo career dedicated to aural novelty, Brian Eno released an album intended to transform weightlessness into a kind of spiritual exaltation.

A double LP, 45 rpm, louder master would probably sound better on vinyl but then people would complain about having to flip it every 12 minutes. Delicate ethereal music marred by ample surface noise. Eno wanted to avoid the sensationalism of the television broadcasts and news reports of the Apollo 11 mission in 1969, instead preferring to express how he imagined actually being in space would feel.

Nice packaging and the bonus material is equally as beautiful and transportive as main album. Weightless

I used to think I was temperamentally more cowboy than farmer… but the fact that the series to which this piece belongs has been running now for over 4 decades makes me think that there’s quite a big bit of farmer in me. © Copyright 2020 Rolling Stone, LLC, a subsidiary of Penske Business Media, LLC. (CD, Album, RE, RM + CD, Album + Num, Ext), (CDr, Album, RE, RM + CDr + Num, Promo, Wat), Guide D'Utilisation de la Base De Données, Apollo: Atmospheres & Soundtracks (Extended Edition), Apollo: Atmospheres & Soundtracks, CD, Album, RE, RM + CD, Album + Ext, 776 431-9, 00602577643194, https://www.mixcloud.com/centaury37/for-all-mankind-1989-ost-suite/, Apollo: Atmospheres & Soundtracks (Extended Edition), LP, Album, RE, RM + LP, Album + Ext, 774 777-2, https://www.discogs.com/Scott-Walker-Tilt/release/14308016, Apollo: Atmospheres & Soundtracks (Extended Edition), CD, Album, RE, RM + CD, Album + Num, Ext, 774 776-4, 00602577477645. An Ending (Ascent) By the time Neil Armstrong bested Gagarin by setting foot on the moon on July 20th, 1969, when Eno was 21, he didn’t expect to be impressed. Tout du moins son représentant le plus visible.
Always Returning Apollo: Atmospheres & Soundtracks consists of music written for a documentary film about NASA's Apollo missions, which landed several humans on the moon between 1969 and 1972.

Because everything in the pieces is probabilistic and because the probabilities pile up it can take a very long time to get an idea of all the variations that might occur in the piece.

Dan was my ‘manager,’ Louis Belson, and he was wearing the biggest purple bowling shoes you’ve ever seen. “It made complete sense to me emotionally because, in a sense, country & western is part of that American idea of the frontier and the new world.

It was fantastic.”. As soon as I finish them, I go and make something else.”, Some of the guitar numbers on the For All Mankind album are his favorites. “We got more income from Trainspotting — from that one use in that film — than what the whole album made,” Brian says.

Once I have the system up and running I spend a long time - many days and weeks in fact - seeing what it does and fine-tuning the materials and sets of rules that run the algorithms. That’s really happening.”. “We pretended we were two other people who had been sent to pick him up. What we’re in now is the fucking Golden Age of Capitalism.”, “With those [Apollo] space missions, we were all riding an incredible wave of optimism,” Lanois says. I was reluctant to buy because of negative reviews regarding pressing quality.

“Surely there must come a point at which that’s illegal,” he says. “Everything amazing was going on.” But when he witnessed the event, it brought him back to how he felt in his youth. Will be 'back-in-my-box' in this new version (not that it ever left). As the early hours draw in, newly introduced conditions thin the notes out and slow everything down. Surface noise?

But recordings - whether vinyl, cassette or CD - are limited in length, and replay identically each time you listen to them. 8.0. by Alfred Soto. “I tried to broach conversation with these people. 4. ", "Moving the composition into software allowed an extra opportunity ; the rules themselves could change with the time of day. “And I looked out the window and saw it up there and had this startling realization that what I was seeing on the television was actually happening there.

You can listen to the complete unreleased music from the movie: "For All Mankind" here: Ooof...yeah, this pressing is a dog -- or at least my copy is. Send us a tip using our anonymous form.

“When Dan and I picked him up at the airport, we did it in disguise,” Brian recalls. 7.

“The trajectory of the world changed,” he says.


Le producteur anglais parachève son chef-d’œuvre "Apollo" dans une nouvelle édition qui célèbre les 50 ans du premier alunissage. “It was one of the nicest periods of my life.

Il est connu pour avoir été le précurseur de la musique ambiante ainsi …. 'Letter to You' Review: Bruce Springsteen's Long, Loving Look Back, Dolly Parton Made Stephen Colbert Cry With an Old Folk Song on ‘The Late Show’.

He simply plays the pieces on random while doing mundane tasks like “washing up or having to write some emails” and listens for something to grab his attention.

“It suits me,” he says. I make my observations and then tweak the rules. Un clip a été tourné pour le titre « Like I Was A Spectator » avec des séquences rares de la Nasa. What you have here is a recording of one of those unfoldings. “I had watched it about a year before, so it was quite internalized.

The way Eno tells it, the record came naturally to the trio. You can imagine flying and landing on the moon, but to fly under it and ’round the back of a planet like that, so you’re upside down relative to the surface of the planet, that really shook me somehow. Deep Blue Day The other difference for Brian was that he has amassed around 5,800 pieces of unreleased music in his archive since the early 2000s than he can work with for new music.

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