In 1680, Perrault ceded his privileged position of the first official to Colbert’s son. His poem Le Siècle de Louis le Grand (1687; “The Age of Louis the Great”) set such modern writers as Molière and François de Malherbe above the Classical authors of Greece and Rome. As secretary of the French Academy, he was the protege of Colbert, the famous counselor of Louis XIV. The literary arguments lasted for seven years, ending in reconciliation in 1694. He began to win a literary reputation in about 1660 with some light verse and love poetry and spent the rest of his life in promoting the study of literature and the arts. A lawyer by training, Charles Perrault first worked as an official in charge of royal buildings.

In the battle which became famous as ‘Quarrel of the Ancients and the Moderns’, Perrault lead the modern faction. Two years later he was elected Chancellor of the Academy and was also a Librarian of it. Tales like ‘Little Red Riding Hood’ were written by Perrault as moral tales. He was the brother of the physician and amateur architect Claude Perrault. Because of this divergence of opinions and as responses to criticism, his critical work was born: Paralelo de los Ancianos y de las Modernos, in which the Arts and Sciences are contemplated, a plea that demonstrated his support for “modern” writers and against the traditionalists. It is said that he did so to avoid another quarrel with the Ancients with whom he had reconciled. Charles Perrault Biography Charles Perrault was born on 12 th January 1628. Perrault’s fairy stories in Mother Goose were written to amuse his children. Corrections? The next year with the death of Colbert he was removed from all the other positions he held and he stopped receiving the pension given to him as a writer). Perrault supported the Moderns, who believed that, as civilization progresses, literature evolves with it and that therefore ancient literature is inevitably more coarse and barbarous than modern literature., The Top 25 Wrestling Announcers Of All Time, Famous Role Models You Would Like To Meet. In 1654, after completing his studies, he was appointed an official to work in the government service. The life of this famous writer ended on May 16, 1703. Charles Perrault, French poet, prose writer, and storyteller, who played a prominent part in a literary controversy known as the quarrel of the Ancients and Moderns.

He grew up in a bourgeois family, his father was a lawyer in Parliament, which allowed Charles to have the privilege of developing in a cultured environment and studying in the best schools of the moment. Charles Perrault, (born January 12, 1628, Paris, France—died May 15/16, 1703, Paris), French poet, prose writer, and storyteller, a leading member of the Académie Française, who played a prominent part in a literary controversy known as the quarrel of the Ancients and Moderns. They had three children. Charles Perrault Biography, Life, Interesting Facts. As an ode to Christianity, he wrote several epic poems including ‘Saint Paulin’ in 1686. Charles Perrault got married to Marie Guichon in 1672 when he was 44 years old and she was 19. Quote Of The Day | Top 100 Quotes, See the events in life of Charles Perrault in Chronological Order. In the literary quarrel, Perrault’s foremost adversaries were the king’s historiographers Jean Racine and Nicola Boileau-Despréaux. Updates? By signing up for this email, you are agreeing to news, offers, and information from Encyclopaedia Britannica. He also published works on natural history and architecture. At the end of each story, the author includes a moral. Claude was the Receiver General of finances for the city of Paris and a year later he helped Charles get work in his office.

He was born in Paris, France. He was soon disillusioned of the job and left it after two years. For this time, wrote the poem The century of Luis the Great was immersed in a controversy of scholarly character by this writing that distanced him from Nicolas Boileau and Jean Racine, who ridiculed his position. Perrault infused the tales with references and commentaries of life in the seventeenth century which placed the old texts in the modern context. Quotes By Charles Perrault Claude Perrault one of his elder brothers was a hysician and an architect who designed the colonnade of the Louvre and the observatory of Paris.

They include “Little Red Riding Hood,” “The Sleeping Beauty,” “Puss in Boots,” and “Bluebeard,” modern versions of half-forgotten folk tales, which Perrault retold in a style that is simple and free from affectation. His version where Red Riding Hood is devoured by the wolf at the end is starker than the version that we read today. His stories are also full of moral teachings, full of a charm that lasts and that has become the favorite readings of children. On its publication, the collection of fairy tales titled ‘The Tales of Mother Goose’ captured the attention of the French society with its captivating and memorable stories. Now, except for children’s stories, all his work is composed mostly of loas to the King of France. Other of his best known and popular works are: Ass Skin, Tom Thumb, Blue Beard, Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty, Little Red Riding Hood and The Cat in Boots, managed to soften in many cases the rawness of the oral versions. He is regarded as one of the most influential writers in the literary scene from the 17th century. His rewriting of the tales bought them to the attention of the gentry and ensured their permanence. In 1671 he was elected to the Académie Française, which soon was sharply divided by the dispute between the Ancients and the Moderns. After graduating from high school he decides to study law. Marie died in 1678. At the same time, he was able to continue writing and penned a poem ‘Le Peinture’ in honour of Charles le Brun, the king’s painter. In 1671, he was elected to ‘Académie Française’ the council that looked after issues related to French language and literature, and in 1672, he was made the general controller of the superintendent of the king’s buildings. The tales were mostly retellings of well-known oral folk tales. Most of his most famous accounts are found in Tales of the Past, better known as The Tales of Mother Goose (1697). Each fountain represented a tale of the Aesop’s fables. He was born on 12 January 1628, the seventh and the youngest child of his parents. They are in this position that his brother, Claude, was in charge of drawing up the plans of the Observatory of the King. Skillfully, the writer recorded the customs of an unhappy time with his situation and, to give hope to people, usually included happy endings in his writings. His 1687 poem 'Le Siècle de Louis Grand’ talks about how the poems of the modern authors like Molière and Françoise de Malherbe were better than the classical Greek and the Roman literature. Perrault’s passion was writing, so sometimes he spent more time writing than practicing his profession. Charles Perrault (January 12, 1628 – May 16, 1703) writer. He believed that as civilization grows and improves so does literature. Charles Perrault was a seventeenth-century French author and literary theoretician who is credited with creating the fairy tale genre.

Perrault’s career as a writer flourished only after the end of his political career. Charles Perrault studied at ‘Lyçée Saint-Louis’ and ‘Collége de Beauvais’ in Paris. The schism between Charles Perrault and the French literary circle started in 1674 when Perrault wrote a review praising a modern opera ‘Alceste’ by Phillipe Quinalt which had been criticized by the theatre critics. He was the leader of the Modern group and argued against traditionalism in literature. The portal of histories, biographies, works, characters, events and the largest data on the web. Children's Authors, children: Charles Perrault, Pierre Perrault, education: University _ of Orléans, Lycée Saint-Louis, Collège de Beauvais, Quotes By Charles Perrault |

Something admirable about Perrault is that he managed to use oral tradition, as well as the legends of his country. In 1653, he and his brother, Claude, published a poem ‘The Walls of Troy or the Origin of the Burlesque’. The theory according to which the arts never cease to be perfected through a scientific revolution defended by Perrault encourages Digression on the ancients and moderns (1688) written by Bernard Le Bovier de Fontenelle.

He actively participated in the creation of the Academy of Sciences and in the restoration of the Painting Academy. He grew up in a bourgeois family, his father was a lawyer in Parliament, which allowed Charles to have the privilege of developing in a cultured environment and studying in the best schools of the moment. The family was a distinguished and wealthy one His grandfather was an embroiderer for the royal family and his father was a lawyer in the Paris Parliament. Perrault was instrumental in the founding of the ‘Academy of Sciences’ and the reorganization of ‘Academy of Painting’. In his first book entitled The Walls of Troy (1661), his works never gave rise to the imagination.

The tales were translated into English in 1729 by Robert Samber. He was an artist who managed to overcome the system and the political situation in France, for that reason, he easily survived this period and his literary production was not affected. Our editors will review what you’ve submitted and determine whether to revise the article.

In his memoirs published posthumously, he recounts how he had a discussion on philosophy with one of the professors after which he and his classmate decided not to return to class. As a literary figure, Perrault is best known for his stand on the Modern versus Ancient debate. This is due to the fact that his role as a privileged civil servant led him to live a bureaucratic and boring life, his writings focused on odes, speeches, dialogues, poems and works that exalted the king and the princes, for this reason, his life was filled with honors, that took advantage very well. Be on the lookout for your Britannica newsletter to get trusted stories delivered right to your inbox. For his stories, Perrault resorted to landscapes that were known, such as the Castle of Ussé, which inspired the story of Sleeping Beauty. On Charles Perrault’s advice, King Louis XIV commissioned 39 fountains in the labyrinth at the gardens of Versailles.

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