"Delta" error messages are linked to connection issues and were also more prevalent during the public beta. PC Gamer is part of Future US Inc, an international media group and leading digital publisher. Your desired item is … Why risk it? The Division 2 Liberty exotic pistol guide Once you've dealt with him, you'll obtain the Demon Mask. "Charlie" error messages indicate the EasyAntiCheat software isn't active. These guys are no pushover though, so we'd suggest being at least level 30 before attempting to take one down—and it's advisable to bring along some friends to help out as Hunters specialise in taking out Division agents. Once done, head to the grassy area in the south-east corner to find a grave then stand at the foot of it and salute. Along Henry Bacon Dr NW are three underground entrances situated relatively close together. Take out your high-damage sniper once more and get a headshot. If you look towards the crane, you should spot a Hunter crouched down. Is it bugged? For the Ghost Mask, move north-west of Washington Monument to approximately 2814, 1245 and enter the General Care Monument Field Hospital Missing Persons area. For each of the 12 Hunters to spawn you'll need to complete a task. Intermittent problems can crop up while playing The Division 2 where the sky or ground might clip through the scene. This particular side mission ends with a scripted fight which sees you getting electrocuted as the Hunter leaves through a door. If you wish to equip it, open your Inventory, then access the Apparel tab. I mean, right? If you're up for the challenge, head over to the East Mall and look for the water resource node north of the Sinkhole control point. It’s necessary to do, because hunters won’t always drop Ivory Keys in Division 2. The steps you need to complete in order to spawn the Hunters may appear to be quite random at first glance and you'd be forgiven for missing the cryptic clues found in graffiti around the map. ^ Yup I finally saw my crappy little mask my first mission with the cleaners. If you’re nowhere near that level, consider coming back later! If you need help with this software check out the official troubleshooting website for The Division 2. Head back to the atrium, look east and you should spot four targets in the windows. There was a problem. On the plus side, doing so will net you the Death Mask, the Cross Mask, the Diamond Mask, and the Phantom Mask. There's a common issue where players are finding themselves not able to progress onwards after completing the mission found by visiting the Castle settlement. Do I need an Xbox Live membership to play The Division? You should find another grave here. The Division 2 endgame and World Tier 5 guide. Note 1: All masks must be obtained at night, with the exception of the Demon mask. Adjust your firewall or proxy settings to allow The Division 2 permissions to solve this problem. Locate the coffee shop on the west side and enter to find a lever by the corner of the counter. The Division 2 Chatterbox exotic SMG guide Which you need in order to open a special crate back in the White House. In the inventory screen, you can select to 'inspect' your equipment. Now head back to the Washington Monument and go to the north-east at coordinates 3030,1094. © 2020 CBS Interactive Inc. All rights reserved. Is there a way to tell how many players are in a Darkzone server . Try levelling up to level 16 and redoing the mission to gain access to later story missions. The last Hunter should be easy to spot on top. These are examples of some of the official error messages you may encounter, what they mean, and how to fix them. It's also worth remembering that Hunters will only spawn at night. Hey I've recently returned to the game due to mates sweating the game. Many issues will likely be fixed by patches so make sure you're running the most recent version of The Division 2 and have a good internet connection as the first step for any fix. Next, you'll want to head to West Potomac Park for the Ghoul mask. There are 12 masks in total in The Division 2 and you can equip them in the top-right corner of the apparel menu. The Division 2 fast leveling guide The process to obtain these masks is very different from the rest, and while some of The Division 2's players have managed to get it to work, so far we've been unsuccessful. Try fast travelling far away if walking doesn't do the trick or you might need to quit and restart the game. Ubisoft recommends restarting Uplay and making sure it's in online mode. Our guide to getting The Division 2's masks, which you can only get by killing hunters.

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