"I’ve seen so many brands introduce this font treatment into their toolkits as a way of connecting more closely to hand-made, local and community," says Sophie. Morva would suit wedding-themed designs or designers looking for a font with a simple, elegant appearance. It's OK for some companies to stick to their own style. My favorite trend is exactly this—I really love these brands pushing for inclusion and accessibility. Sharon Milne gives us insight into the popularity of these sans-serif typefaces. "Helvetica is popular because it's a neutral, versatile font that doesn't assume its purpose is for anything specific. Look out for them. In this article, we've tapped into only a handful of the font trends circulating the web. Check out more innovative SVG fonts, such as Cardus Brush SVG Font by sameehmedia, Futuristico Color Font by cruzine, and Bluesky SVG Font by Blankids. The most important of these is of course the latter, a font above all needs to be fit for purpose and easily read by your audience. Why is Helvetica so popular? Though the new edition has met with some resistance, font trends are destined to …

These imaginative script fonts are really stepping it up in 2019! Absorb the energy of a vintage font to see its potential. Keep it simple with more minimalist fonts like Axon | Minimalist Sans Serif Family by sameehmedia, Connect - Font For Logos by arbuzu, and Hurst Sans Serif Font Family Pack by creativetacos. Find just your type over on Envato Elements, or check out Font Trends 2019 to see how far we’ve come. Trademarks and brands are the property of their respective owners. The terms 'font' and 'typeface' are often used interchangeably outside of the world of professional typography and design, though they aren’t really the same thing. Add it to a dreamy handmade postcard or use it as an official logo.

Keep in mind that this last selection is a culmination of many popular font trends, from messy grunge styles to 80s themed text effects. The newest 2019 version features a creative facelift that adds robust strokes and loose spacing. If you can afford it, always go a la carte, but there are many different cheaper routes out there. Making use of the Didone genre of serif typeface, SF Kingston has six weights, from ‘extra light’ through to ‘black.’ It’s robust yet still elegant. These dedicated font families make us smile as we finally get access to the creative vibes we're going for. Check out more rad 80's fonts such as Thunderstorm by aiyari, Arcade Machine 80's Retro Font by TSVcreative, Lucy Glitch by me55enjah, and Horsemen Horror Retrowave Font. Here are 10 of the best fonts for 2020 to help inspire your next project. The super innovative SVG fonts trend has hit with full force, shaking up the status quo of traditional font formats. Cursive script is officially not dying, at least thanks to the passion of modern font designers. Trends do come and go, and even major companies change their logo fonts several times down the road.

Top 10 Best Graphic Design Templates 2021, 4 Mystic Design Trends to Conjure for Your Creative Projects, Made with Envato: Creating Digital Art with Frankie Lee Mwah, Top 10 Professional Fonts for Designers 2020. I get visual inspiration and feel empowered having this library of resources to make our ideas come to life. Trademarks and brands are the property of their respective owners. When it comes to typography, some of the best ideas come from venturing outside the lines!

First seen in 2019, they elicit a nostalgic mood and pair really well with warm golden tones and floral prints," says Kate McInnes, Envato’s Content Specialist for Graphics.

From the classic and timeless Titanic typeface, to the kitschy American Idol typeface representative of the early 2000s, to the iconic Stranger Things font that captivated the internet in 2017, there’s no denying that pop-culture has always had a huge influence on font and design trends. With font trends ranging from 3D Text Effects to organic handwritten styles throughout 2019 alone, there’s no denying that trends can be totally unpredictable. As people respond to things in particular ways, it’s part of the job of a designer to interpret the message and meaning of a proposed design and choose and place fonts accordingly.

Artists in love with this timeless medium are crafting beautiful handwritten fonts with elegant loops and charismatic forms.
"If you want to pull at the heartstrings – pop culture fonts are where it’s at! This category also includes cool cartoon font styles and special edition typefaces for games.

Envato's Senior Designer Sophie Dunn says, "Outline fonts are the quiet achievers!" Try on a few bold fonts like this cute Boxer font from Envato Elements. Welcome to What the Font?, the game that gets our designers scratching their heads over the logos of some of the world's biggest brands. "Pairing a classic serif or minimalistic sans-serif font with a more delicate, hand-written one is a really simple way of humanising your design to be more accessible and relatable.".

When considering why retro-futuristic fonts are hitting on trend, Kate explains: It's nice to see people trying something different. Try on a few bold fonts like this cute Boxer font from Envato Elements.

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