In Yoruba mythology, Olorun is the Sky Father (though occasionally androgynous or female), and a god of peace, purity and harmony. Copyright Ancient Code. His reign ended when he inadvertently destroyed his palace with lightning. Ogun by Eran Fowler His formidable power and has empowered humans to build civilizations and thrive from his wealth and abundance. Taken from the back of The Origin of Life and Death: African Creation Myths (Heinemann, 1966): "ULLI BEIER is an associate professor in the Department of Extra-Mural Studies of the University of Ibadan. The Orisha began to lose patience with him, especially when he tried to infect them with smallpox after they laughed at his deplorable dancing skills. Ile-Ife appears in myths as the birthplace of life and the location where the first humans sprang forth. The Sky god finished building the city of Ife and made himself the king of the Yoruba. When one sees the quickness with which lightning makes short work of a tree or a fire rage through an area, one has witnessed the temper of Shangó in action. Using these sacred materials, he created fields, forests, hills, and valleys. Oduduwa by Jianing Hu The heaven realm is the domain of Olorun, a sun god. These Are The 10 Avatars Of Vishnu, One Of The... 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I. Warm-upIntroduce Yoruba Legends: These are stories from the people of Southern Nigeria, from the Yoruba country area. Nairaland Forum / Nairaland / General / Culture / Yoruba Mythology (107744 Views), Fulani/fulbe Traditional Beliefs And Mythology / Lucifer As The Olósí (not Esu)of Yorùbá Mythology / Fulani/ Hausa Myths, Mythology And Legends (2) (3) (4), (1) (2) (3) (4) (5) (6) (7) (8) (9) (Reply) (Go Down), (1) (2) (3) (4) (5) (6) (7) (8) (9) (Reply), Photos From Virgin Ceremony In Ogu, Rivers State / The True Extent Of Alaigbo (Igboland) / Video Of Oluwo Of Iwo Rolling Weed Released By Chanel Chin, His Ex Wife, Links: (1) (2) (3) (4) (5) (6) (7) (8) (9) (10). Orishas (Deities) worshipped in Yoruba Land, Oloolu- The Father of all masquerades in Ibadan, Yoruba Folktale: How Aaye And Aigboran Became Enemies, Oladunwo Festival- The Pride of Okemesi-Ekiti, Nigeria at 1994 World Cup Tournament (Pictures, Video and Full Squad Included). After passing on his secrets and guiding humanity for many years, Ogun grew old. In the beginning, there was only the sky above and waters below, and this was ruled by the mighty Orisha, the council of gods. He taught his followers the secrets of civilization (fire, smithing, hunting, politics, and war). Perhaps the most 'popular' of the orishas, Shangó rules over lightning, thunder, fire, the drums and dance. He is a primordial Orisha and father of Odudua and Obatala by his wife, Olokun. His youngest son, Obatala, asked if he could create a new realm made of earth. According to many African myths, the creation of heaven precedes the creation of earth and man was created before the animals. The shell contained a magical soil and a divine cloth. Teslim Opemipo Omipidan is an award winning Nigerian journalist, poet, writer, historian and founder of Learn More. Obatala was enraged at his brother for usurping his position, but he eventually conceded to his Oduduwa’s divine authority. Eshu by Akili Mansa Richards. As Elegguá opens the roads, it is Ogún that clears the roads with his machete. He is known as the omnipotent ruler of the Yoruba pantheon, whose light brings life and vitality to all living things. He is married to Obba but has relations with Oyá and Oshún. He has a warrior side though through which he enforces justice in the world. He is the editor of Black Orpheus, author of several books on African art and literature, including African Mud Sculpture, and one of the founders of the Mbari clubs in Ibadan and Oshogbo. Unauthorized use or duplication of our contents without express and written permission from us is strictly prohibited. In her path of Okutti she is the queen of witches carrying within her deep and dark secrets. Ogún is the god of iron, war and labor. Shango was the third king of the Oyo Kingdom. Shey you don hear, abeg no thief our contents o! He embodies the power of the sun, essential for the growth. Olorun had two sons, Obatala and Oduduwa, who helped him develop the features of the Earth. Oshosi is the hunter and the scout of the orishas and assumes the role of enforcer of justice for Obatalá with whom he has a very close relationship. In this way Yemayá displays herself as truly the mother of all. Finally, there is Eshu, a trickster God, and patron of crossroads. Oshosi is also a hunting god, who is highly regarded for his quick wit and objectivity. Two gods rule over both these primordial realms. He is known as the omnipotent ruler of the Yoruba pantheon, whose light brings life and vitality to all living things. Babalú-Ayé (originally Shopona) is a healing god.

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