All we have is their memories. While Kiddo was sitting on his potty seat: He pointed down to his Scrotum and asked me “Ismein kya hai?”, Kid “Ismein cell hai and abhi Susu niklega”. Kids say the darndest things, often to the surprise and confusion of their parents. “Moo” say cows, “baaa” say lambs — three year old’s birthdays say “Zip, Zowie, ZAM!! so you got awe shit. I can’t keep up with all these lingo changes but apparently three year olds are leading the charge on what’s in and what’s out. He wiped away my tears and later asked me “Mumma, water from eyes again” I'm walking. You can imagine how often I heard, “Mama, mama, my C_oc fell off!”, My daughter (3.5) says I’m hungry but it sounds like I’m horny…… Everyone was silent for a moment, until I turned to the boy and said “That’s right, Frank, FLAGS!” Then they all started laughing and screaming “FLAGS FLAGS!” Thank god for everyone’s sense of humor!”. He also refers to phones as phlones. I think I’ll actually miss when my guys start saying things correctly. Amy Johnson – Indiana Jones He’s being a little too loud.” – Greta. Discover more about it with this line of questions: My 7 year old was wanting us to play the rhyming game. Stocksy. Don’t miss the lastest epsiode of the Mommy Shorts Show— it includes Mazzy’s audition for the remake of Fantasy Island among other things. Hate. To get them even more excited, I told them we were going to see the boats and fish at the Pro Shops. I just redesigned the fanpage to fit the timeline layout and I’ve been doing a lot more there than just posting links to Mommy Shorts. I want a BOY cheese!”, Funny you should have this post… Yesterday we spent a large portion of the day trying to figure out why McClain kept saying “Tits” over and over. #OverheardAtPreschool. He now has 2yr old twin sisters, who I’m sure will be butchering new words any day now. She was super excited to see the white “flam” in her room again. I guess with my accent carrots comes out “kare-its”, which in turn, equals tits. its really so cute…my son is 3.5 yrs old so I can relate well with it . Or just as a stand-up comedian, either or is a bright future. Unfortunately, in his toddler speak, he would end up shouting across the grocery store for “good sex mommy?”, much to my sister’s chagrin and other shoppers’ amusement / bewilderment. At a family party she loudly asked ‘Mommy can I play with cock? Out to dinner the other night my 2 year old picked the wine cork up of the table and starte yelling as only toddlers do, “Cock, Cock!” Of course in a small quiet restaurant. “POCKETS!!!! Fuffins = muffins (we still call them fuffins) I wish I had seen your post from Monday earlier and added some of our son’s favorites. That’s a knock knock joke that will you will never forget. Parents Share Their 3-Year-Old Daughter’s Quotes To Make The World Smile . My brother beats that, though. 3yo: I'm not. Great list! Me: Leave the kitty alone. Kids say the darnest things and some of them are the stories we will tell their kids one day!! What do you get when you pour hot water down a rabbit hole? My sister has always tried to get my nephew to have “good snacks” rather than treats. This is such a cute post. I hope it’s filled with BOOBIE MANCAKES! My daughter does that, too! I was so happy that he has co-related it so wisely. He saw it and said “Ye machine hai”? Also, my 3yo is happy to help clean up by putting garbage into the “crashcan” – which she has, in fact, crashed a few times. My son hasn’t had any funny mispronunciations but he does love to grab my boob and yell “bra!! Me: Who’s there? Also, sometimes as a treat after dinner she gets a dum-dum lollipop, or “londipops” as she calls them. Love this post and I can relate! So our daughter will go around the table and say “Daddy Fu*k, Nana Fu*k (Nana is the baby’s nickname), Me fu*k. Everbody Fu*k, but not you Mama! I have a couple blush-inducing mispronounciations to add courtesy my little girl: Thanks for sharing this!! My husband and I got the best laugh tonight. Me: (Awww) God bless you my bacha. I’m sure there were many more that I don’t remember! Turned out to be the lady in front of us with a ringing cell phone! Finally he pointed to one of my gardening books to a picture of carrots. Thanks Rashi. 2. I just want to give him a hug.” The 3 yr old stopped dead in his tracks, looked at me like I was a complete idiot, and said, ‘Dabnabbit, that tiger would eat your face.”” @dabnabbit. “Help, the dirt it’s dicking on me!” Cock-it – Chocolate It was the first time she’s worn this skirt. What are all these f**kin cars doing here?” He sounded pretty pissed off.” @franzyfunny, “I was having a really bad driving day and finally made it home. , 3yo: KITTY! My mom grabbed the front of his pants and said “What is this? ~ something my 3yo didn't know existed 2 seconds ago, My 3yo can't pronounce the word 'sleep.' My cousin called foreheads “whoreheads.” It was hilarious! This stuff is too hilarious not to share. Read More about me here. ", "When my niece was 4 or 5, I asked her what she wanted to be when she grew up. Hilarious post . Eggo – There you go Kids Always Do Naughty & Funny things "Let's go beep." Congratulations on being a year older and still maintaining such a low level of maturity; you are truly an inspiration. Your kid is a smart one. My nephew could not say the ‘st’ sounds so he said a ‘d’ instead so we would hear: Then we'd all be a lot more happy. Kids are really amazing … They are Kids naughty but so innocent. haha. . will u help me? I pointed out to my son that he was getting freckles and he told me (and now tells everyone) that he doesn’t have “f*ckles!” Between that and his love of “fire f*cks” I am so thankful for his speech therapists! I know it’s bad parenting but I was silent laughing too hard to tell her it’s POPCORN!! Apple doesn’t fall far from the foul-mouthed tree, apparently. One day he saw me crying after I slapped him Ellen, Mine still calls oatmeal “opium” and we race each other to get our shoes on. Please whitelist our site to get all the best deals and offers from our partners. ?” Her & her sister were outside drawing on the sidewalk… with CHALK! If I could freeze you at this age I would. Kids say the funniest things - From the mouth of 3 years old Kids say the funniest things. Me: “Mujhe samajh nahi aya Beta, kya keh rahe ho” He’s never even seen a spaghetti-o but at some point jokingly someone said “uh oh spaghetti-o’s” and it stuck. I always love what your FB fans comes up with. I wonder what kind of unsupervised chaos a three year old could create? 3 year old: (straight faced) A giant bear is going to eat you, Heather.” @Heather Arline Whited. Faffles = waffles So fun time at school when she tells the teacher “mama beat me today” . That’s a knock knock joke that will you will never forget. My daughter responded ‘Yes, owls are not turtles. Can I see your flowery box?” Grrr. Let's meet over a cup of coffee. That wasn’t an appropriate response, but definitely a hilarious one. Just telling it like it is, the only way a three year old knows how to communicate. I wouldn’t even be mad with a comeback like that. My 3yo son: You look like a pretty baddie. Jerk. 3yo: KITTY! “There’s nothing quite like the wrath of a three year old upset at you for ordering her strawberry ice cream when she asked for pink.” @torigoestotheinternet. This. Like the movies Daddy likes to watch!” Dead silence increases and panic starts to set in. !” in public! Want Mommy Shorts delivered daily or weekly to your inbox? 3 year old: (straight faced) A giant bear is going to eat you, Heather.” @Heather Arline Whited. DON’T MISS THE NEXT POST! lol.” @Megan Ann Clarke. True sentence: Momma! All she wants is pink ice cream! : He did something good to make me happy. Can’t wait to go to the grocery store…. ... same things are insanely funny at our house. You made me laugh! The amount of times I have to restrict myself from shouting this exact statement, often in public places, is absurd. Saying “Maine apkagharsaafkardiya”  [Tr. Deb: From my then 3-year-old son – From said 3 year old, as we were driving over a hill in our mini-van loaded with extended family – “Hold on everybody, we’re going down.” (it may have been his voice and the timing on that one, but it was hilarious when it happened) Not my, um, you know. I said “Those were tears as I was crying” Big Bitch!” I am so proud! (clock) My 3 year old niece has convinced herself that "bathing suit" is pronounced "baby soup", 3year old: ms madison what are you doing My mom was teaching my brother the correct names for all of his boy parts when he was potty training. If you liked this post, follow Mommy Shorts on Facebook. I have learned to never throw away leftovers when it comes to kids. “When my little brother was a wee lad, he asked for a pellet gun. That actually might be the cutest thing ever. These quirks can never be photographed. Funny, witty, silly, crazy things that 2 3 4 5 6 year olds say. 33 Things You'll Only Find Funny If You Have The Mind Of A 12-Year-Old. Class: -dead silence-” @stfangofboredom. Hahahaba…couldn’t stop laughing. A 4-year-old with his first earache said, “Daddy, my ear has a cough in it!” ‎12. 3yo: Mammy, your belly is getting big again. On Sunday we dressed her up in a cute little denim skirt for her church outfit. I love the douche one the best. The “F” sound is not yet working so, Flower = Slaour, My little guy wore Crocs long before he could pronounce the “r” sound. He also once said, 'Would you be interested in joining me for a game of Hi Ho Cheerio?' Store them as long as you can because three year olds can, and WILL, be hungry for most of the day. Me: “I did not get it, what are you trying to say?” 3yo: *sticks his hand in my back pocket as we walk* My Man’s last name is Fox, as is the last name of our kids. a little late to the party, but i love this. Kid: No. Kid: “Take tears out again” and repeated this non-stop.]. We also spot “cocks” at the store all the time with my toddler. Q. “When I was little, I apparently wouldn’t stop talking so my Mum said to me, “Could you just draw a breath! During one of the “Silent Prayer” times, my daughter discovered her cute little jean skirts and proclaimed (VERY loudly)….. Piss-ca-titty meat – spaghetti with meatballs My 4-year-old loves to say that she has an itchy-bitchy when she needs to scratch her leg/arm/etc. We may, or may not, still call them restronauts. Hilarious and genius as always! I love all those little mis-said words, they make my heart happy.

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