All of this indicates that the importance of learning STEM … ; High earnings: STEM workers earn a median annual salary of $84,880.That is more than double the $37,020 median wage non-STEM workers earn. Best STEM Majors. Since many students form their career goals and grow into their interests by age 14, middle school is a critical time to expose students to unique and unexpected STEM jobs. Moreover, the projected growth for STEM disciplines is 8.8% from 2018-2028, while for non-STEM occupations it is 5.0%. An excellent job outlook: Careers related to STEM are on the Bureau of Labor Statistics' list of occupations the government agency predicts will have the highest average employment growth over the next decade. You’ll also feel fulfilled knowing that your work can help a number of important industries succeed.  These majors, and the corresponding careers, not only provide a substantial income, but most are expected to be in high-demand for years to come, giving STEM students a fruitful, long-term career. Petroleum Engineering. Seven of the top ten fastest-growing STEM careers are in computer science, and the best of the best STEM careers is software application developer, with a projected increase of 218,500 job openings between 2012 and 2022. Highest-Paying STEM Jobs: Wrapping Up. Studies have shown that students who are interested in STEM careers at the beginning of high school are much more likely to continue to show interest at the end of high school. Computer science fields are the sweet spot of STEM careers. Let’s look at the biggest STEM majors that can launch a successful career. These careers we went over here are just a few of the lucrative career opportunities that STEM fields can offer. STEM jobs pay so well because they’re in high demand and require specialized education.

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