Google is opening up its famous Google Translate machine to include a number of populous African languages. Adelabu, a Ph D graduate from Damascus cited—among many other common usages—the following words to be Yoruba's derivatives of Arabic vocabularies:[29][better source needed]. The diacritic underneath vowels indicates an open vowel, pronounced with the root of the tongue retracted (so ⟨ẹ⟩ is pronounced [ɛ̙] and ⟨ọ⟩ is [ɔ̙]). However, this start is an important step. This is encouraging for a number of reasons: First, I have spent the last two years petitioning Twitter to include Yoruba as one of the languages in which the platform is being currently translated, without much luck. Examples: When teaching Yoruba literacy, solfège names of musical notes are used to name the tones: low is do, mid is re, and high is mi.[21]. Spoken by the ethnic Yoruba people, The number of speakers of Yoruba is estimated at between 45 and 55 million. All rights reserved. At one point I tried to contribute by helping with some translations, then I realised that it a lot easier to speak regular Yoruba than write Yoruba in it's proper form -- c'est complex. Try the new Google Books eBook - FREE. The rhotic consonant is realized as a flap [ɾ] or, in some varieties (notably Lagos Yoruba), as the alveolar approximant [ɹ]. Google ni Yoruba! There is also a syllabic nasal, which forms a syllable nucleus by itself. English to Yoruba Translation provides the most convenient access to online translation service powered by various machine translation engines. The former indicates location and absence of movement, and the latter encodes location/direction with movement. xLingua: Yoruba-Online-Dictionary English-Yoruba / Yoruba-English, Journal of West African Languages: Yoruba, Yoruba blog (features bilingual texts in Yoruba and English, including folklore), Yorùbá Yé Mi - A Beginning Yorùbá Textbook,, Short description is different from Wikidata, Articles needing additional references from October 2020, All articles needing additional references, Articles needing cleanup from October 2020, Cleanup tagged articles with a reason field from October 2020, Wikipedia pages needing cleanup from October 2020, Articles needing expert attention with no reason or talk parameter, Articles needing unspecified expert attention, Articles needing expert attention from October 2020, Articles with multiple maintenance issues, Articles with unsourced statements from May 2020, Articles lacking reliable references from June 2020, Wikipedia articles with SUDOC identifiers, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, Ebu, Anyugba, Ife, Idah, Ibaji, Ankpa, Imane, Most divergent Yoruboid language (earliest split) & Easternmost Yoruboid language, A cluster of closely related dialects in Western, By far the largest of the Yoruboid languages, and the, An isolated Yoruba dialect on the Western flanks of the Niger. I came across this encouraging (though thoroughly belated) news a few days ago, on twitter and elsewhere, from a friend familiar with my work, advocacy, and interest in facilitating the use of African languages, particularly Yoruba, in today’s world, particularly in Information Technology. [5][6][7][8], As the principal Yoruboid language, Yoruba is most closely related to Itsekiri (spoken in the Niger Delta) and to Igala (spoken in central Nigeria) languages.[1]. In 1843, a grammar book which he started working on during the Niger expedition was published; and a Yoruba version of the Anglican Book of Common Prayer followed later. A large number of Yoruba people could not really read Yoruba language fluently. Dialects differ in the number of vowels they have; see above. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. (See also the section, This widely followed classification is based on Adetugbọ's (1982) dialectological study; the classification originated in his 1967 PhD thesis. Page 79 - cover me, father,' employed to signify, Babba mi de, ' My father is come. ' Problems with changing language. When it precedes a vowel, it is a velar nasal [ŋ]: n ò lọ [ŋ ò lɔ̄] 'I didn't go'. Throughout the World, Yoruba Language and it's culture is one of the most respected. Throughout the World, Yoruba Language and it's culture is one of the most respected. if anyone shld insult me in yoruba it means i can google the big words and i can whoop their ass back. The associative construction (covering possessive/genitive and related notions) consists of juxtaposing nouns in the order modified-modifier as in inú àpótí {inside box} 'the inside of the box', fìlà Àkàndé 'Akande's cap' or àpótí aṣọ 'box for clothes'. Yoruba to English Translation is a free online typing tool that translates the Yoruba Language to English accurate and Fast. This online Yoruba Typing is base on Google transliteration. That is admirable. Linguistically, SEY has retained the /ɣ/ and /gw/ contrast, while it has lowered the nasal vowels /ĩ/ and /ʊ̃/ to /ɛ̃/ and /ɔ̃/, respectively. North-West Yoruba is historically a part of the Ọyọ Empire. The site is proudly powered by WordPress. L: ó bẹ̀ [ó bɛ̀] 'he asks for pardon'; ọ̀kọ̀ [ɔ̀kɔ̀] 'spear'. Nairaland Forum / Nairaland / General / Culture / Google in Yoruba (23180 Views), Female Regents In Yoruba Land. To check your Google Account language, open your Google Account. Yoruba Translation - Free online translation service instantly Yorùbá. And third, the sample translations given on the page created by Google for freelance translators towards this project shows that – though very far from perfect, Google has put a lot of efforts into the initial work. 131. Introducing a Homophone Checker. lol. A large number of Yoruba people could not really read Yoruba language fluently. Okambi then descended from the palm-tree, allowing only his servant Tetu, and his trumpeter, to come down with him. In particular, the use of the subdots and tone marks are not represented, so many Yoruba documents simply omit them. I am proud of it. Having Google take this step without a major public petitioning is heartening. Page ii - Okambi, flew upon it, and scattered it; and wherever the earth touched the water, it immediately dried up. Like many other languages of the region, Yoruba has the voiceless and voiced labial–velar stops /k͡p/ and /ɡ͡b/: pápá [k͡pák͡pá] 'field', gbogbo [ɡ͡bōɡ͡bō] 'all'. [13] It also has some features peculiar to itself, for example the simplified vowel harmony system, as well as foreign structures, such as calques from English which originated in early translations of religious works. [14][15] Modern Yoruba orthography originated in the early work of Church Mission Society missionaries working among the Aku (Yoruba) of Freetown. Yoruba is classified among the Edekiri languages, which together with Itsekiri and the isolate Igala form the Yoruboid group of languages within the Volta–Niger branch of the Niger–Congo family. The pronunciation of the letters without diacritics corresponds more or less to their International Phonetic Alphabet equivalents, except for the labial–velar consonant [k͡p] (written ⟨p⟩) and [ɡ͡b] (written ⟨gb⟩), in which both consonants are pronounced simultaneously rather than sequentially. When a word precedes another word beginning with a vowel, assimilation or deletion ('elision') of one of the vowels often takes place. Its vowel system is the least innovating (most stable) of the three dialect groups, having retained nine oral-vowel contrasts and six or seven nasal vowels and an extensive vowel harmony system.

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