Lingu preparing for the bull jump. The Tsemai do not practice the bull jump nor do they partake in scarification. He is our son. It's a real privilege to get to know them. During the flogging, not a single weeping sound or cry is made.

Hohenschäftlarn: Klaus Renner Verlag. The Hamar only marry members of their own tribe, but they have nothing against borrowing – songs, hairstyles, even names – from other tribes in … One effect is that whenever a family has a lot of livestock, the wife’s and mother’s brothers will claim outstanding bride wealth debts. But this hasn’t stopped the bloodshed, and now there are many Hamar men out there who have killed but have not yet been scarred.

The girls get to choose who they want to dance with and indicate their chosen partner by kicking him on the leg.

The woman are known for their hairstyles. Even if there is a chair close to them, they prefer to use the head rest ! Hamer Tribe.

In the dry season, whole families go to live in grazing camps with their herds, where they survive on milk and blood from the cattle. The father greets his son by lifting up his right hand in which he already holds the gun and genitals (scrotum and penis if he can get them) of the slain enemy.

The more scars a woman has the more beautiful and strong she is.

The parents of the sons have control over a lot of the things they do, including giving the men permission to marry.

A Hamar headrest or borkoto gets some use on a hot and lazy day. The Hamar also use dongo wood (cordial ovalis) to make drilling sticks with which they make new fires. Its a rite of passage into manhood for all Hamer boys.

The maza form a group and as they move closer to the cattle several men break off and start lining them up.

Round after bloody round the girls beg and plead to be whipped and say repeatedly, “I want to be whipped by this maz until his miceres have been finished off! After a Hamar man has killed an enemy he struts back to his home village with his misso singing songs of praise to himself and others along the way. It is extremely complex, laden with enormous symbolism, and then you have to bear witness to your female relatives getting their bodies lashed until rivers of blood flow into the dry earth. The day of the leap the man’s female relatives, like a sister, demand to be whipped as part of the ceremony; this creates a strong debt between the young man and his sisters. Landscape views around Bitta village.

Read More about Nicole. In the course of the initiation, the female relatives of the boy, this includes his mother and sisters, are flogged with canes. If she dies before her husband the rings are cut off, but if this proves too difficult her feet, head, or hands are sometimes severed from her corpse because the rings are the property of her husband and are given to his next wife.

Ethiopia is a place full of tradition and culture and you could travel all over the country and experience amazing things. He was also one of my house-hosts, although we slept outside under the stars which is customary for Hamar men. I never did learn the answer. The Assistant Administrator of Hamer Bena, Ato Imnet Gashab, has commented that only seven tribal members have ever completed secondary education. These girls are called "Uta" and have to wait three months, entirely covered with red clay... And no right to take baths or showers !

Sometimes, for a task like raising a new roof or getting the harvest in, a woman will invite her neighbours to join her in a work party in return for beer or a meal of goat, specially slaughtered to feed them.

Men use a wooden head rest which prevents the hair from touching the ground. I want you to know that I didn’t get these scars to impress the ladies. Its a rite of passage into manhood for all Hamer boys. Its a rite of passage into manhood for all Hamer boys.

A fire is built and the goat’s liver is roasted.

At the riverbed, one maz fires a stroke so forceful that it snaps his whip in two, just like the many others that already litter the sand.
This is on account that the two tribes have not only developed trading partnerships and bond-friendships (bel), but there is another reason which is due to “bad magic.” One warrior recalled, “As soon as I killed a Hamar, I lost weight.

It doesn’t stop there. Cases of the “clap” and HIV have been reported in Turmi and other places and while clinics have been established in these tourist hubs, the risks of transmitting these diseases through scarification instruments like the hade are apparent.

Until their backs are bloodied that’s when the flogging stops. I am certainly a bit afraid to kill, but I imagine I will do it in the future because it is the tradition of our forefathers.”. This serves as spiritual protection.

She is not even promised, as she does not wear a dik dik necklace that shows her family has found a husband for her.

portrait of the Hamer tribe boy with necklaces ethnic. Survival is always a constant test in this unforgiving land, and if a man does not defend his family’s prized cattle herd from enemies or wild animals like bone-crushing hyenas and packs of jackals his reputation in the Hamar community will be shattered. The inventors of this ordeal are the maz. Upon arrival, they immediately confront the somewhat timid and reticent men in their midst, and shout insults or taunt the maza into whipping them.

They speak a language which belongs to the Omotic group of languages and display an elaborate and unique style of body decorations and clothes. And if they are not pleased with their “catch” they often launch stones in the hope of making contact with your passing Landcruiser.

After the bifa, I offer a “barjo e may” or “thank you!” to Argama and the others in the hut and head down to a dry river bed where the maza are preparing their facial paint and wooden miceres that will lay deep cuts into the backs of the women they meet. They also wear bead necklaces, iron bracelets around their arms, and decorate their breast with lots of cowry shells, like a natural bra.

Today, the Hamar of the Omo Valley face many challenges, and these new rites of passage are perhaps even more important than the bullah ritual itself. I wanted people to know that I am a killer! Women also decorate themselves with cowrie shells, glass, seed and metal beads, and wear beaded goat skin frocks that cover their upper body. Hamer Tribemen. They would look down on a woman who refuses to join in, but young girls are discouraged from getting whipped. It is used as head rest to protect the clay wig that some do on the top of the head, but it is also useful as a seat !

Required fields are marked *. So, illegitimate children are abandoned. The bride price is usually 30 goats and 20 cows. Southern Ethiopia.

But first, his family must sacrifice a goat to honor the spirit of one of his deceased brothers who was not able to jump before he died.

The Hamar of Southern Ethiopia, 3 vols. The Hamar call warfare banki or “spear” which was the traditional weapon used in combat before civil conflicts in neighboring Sudan and Somalia flooded the region with automatic weapons. The three day long rite of passage is quite important to the initiates and their families.

Every time I got whipped, I asked for more. As the wound begins to bleed, the scarist scrapes her tool across the wound to clear the blood and makes another cut to remove the excess flesh.

All Hamar women do this to make themselves beautiful, just like we knock out our bottom two teeth for similar reasons.” Some women joke that they can take the pain of the pala better than men, and I wasn’t surprised when a Hamar elder named Argama told me that “women with scars are as strong as lions!”. This is the story of life, death, and dishonor in the Omo Valley and it plays itself out every single day. Barjo can be interpreted as a kind of fundamental principle, the primal condition of the existence and harmony of the universe. On the afternoon of the leap, the man’s female relatives demand to be whipped as part of the ceremony.

Before a Hamar male can prove himself as a warrior on the field of battle, he must first prove to his peers and relatives that he can become a man.

The Reer Hamar [also spelled Rer Hamar] is a minority group in Somalia (ACCORD Dec. 2009, 17; Mohamoud Feb. 2012, 10). Someone he may have met at an evangadi dance, a girl that he told his relatives struck his interest, or a woman he has never met, yet alone seen?

To come of age, the man must leap across the line four times.

I asked the local scarmaster Gadi if she could provide me with some beauty marks above my waist.

Before the bullah rite, I interviewed a group of Hamar women about their scars. More importantly, a man can solidify his high status in the Hamar community by killing a man from another tribe on a raid. Hamar elders say that the bullah ritual is necessary because young unmarried men lack barjo and are immature, deficient, generally no good, and above all sexually unclean. (By the haircut you can recognize this Hamer man: he's going to jump totally naked over 10 bulls in front of all the village. One young woman named Kadja (‘the wind’) said, ‘When we are whipped by the maza, our people, they respect us.
Their braided hair is painted with ochre, and their arms are decorated with 15 or more copper bracelets.

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