Never share your personal or banking information with strangers. How would Americans use a second economic stimulus check. So, while there’s no reason to blame anyone, often the process of learning what it costs to live and pay your bills is a rite of passage. If you are feeling nervous or sad around finances, you are not alone.

The HEROES Act looks to establish a $200 billion “Heroes’ Fund” for hazard pay to “workers deemed essential during the pandemic”–a list that would feasibly include emergency workers, maintenance staff, and anyone else who was put at risk by way of their occupation. Each person deserves financial freedom and not a bank statement that makes them cry on the regular. The phoneline is currently available to only some customers, but Square plans to scale it up to be available for all users over time. We’ve taken a number of proactive steps and made it our top priority.”. Let's take a look at White House and Democratic proposal for a new bill, from a second stimulus check to unemployment support. The new Heroes Act includes: Direct payments: The current Democratic proposal includes payments of up to $1,200 per individual and $500 for each dependent. That’s because they are very easy to set up, requiring nothing more than an email address or phone number.

Some of the things that make these payment apps so quick and easy are exactly the reasons it’s so easy to scam users. We discussed recently the proposition to incentivize employees to return to work via a $450 weekly bonus upon reopening of the economy. The bill would also see at least $1 trillion in “state, local, territorial and tribal government” relief, with billions more allocated to utilities, highways, transit, and CDC resources. Unemployment benefits: The plan would reauthorize $600 federal unemployment payments, through January 2021. Some scammers are stealing money by making a payment request from an account that looks legitimate, but may have a slightly different spelling or one-letter change in the name. Finally, the HEROES Act provides small businesses with some additional relief via expansion of the SBA’s Paycheck Protection Program; under this expansion, the PPP would include nonprofits, a move that warrants another $659 billion in aid. (BUSINESS FINANCE) The HEROES act helps specifically unemployed, and those just returning to work, with assistance to get them back on their feet. While you might get a cash bonus from Cash App, it’s probably not worth it to share your $Cashtag on social media. Dave Ramsey Books – The Total Money Makeover – A Proven Plan for Financial Fitness, Bravely Go with Kara Perez – Feminist economics + inclusive personal finance, Debt Relief Programs – you’ll have to do your research but there may be a program that is right for you and an agency that can help you set up a realistic payment program for you, Student Loan Forgiveness – it is worth looking in to your options if you are feeling overwhelmed with student loan debt and there may be ways for your loans to be forgiven, Financial Advisor – consider working with a professional that can help you with your budgeting, investing and retirement savings/funds.

"We still have a responsibility to continue the negotiations," Pelosi said on Bloomberg TV Tuesday. Only share your username with people you know. We respect your privacy and take protecting it seriously! "Skinny" bill revisited: On Wednesday, Senate Republicans didn't have enough votes to pass a $500 billion package that included a $300 enhanced unemployment benefit and aid for small businesses, funding for school reopenings and support for the US Postal Service. Issuing another direct stimulus payment to qualified people is one of the areas that everyone -- both Republicans and Democrats -- appears to agree on. How will pausing the reopening of states impact the recovery of the economy? So far that project still seems to be running on time according to those who are involved. Housing assistance: The proposal would renew financial support for renters and homeowners to meet rental and mortgage payments. Examine all transactions carefully. Support for the US Postal Service: This summer, the House passed a bill that would address concerns about the Postal Service and particularly mail-in voting during the upcoming election and provide $25 billion in additional funding. Don’t use digital payment apps to pay for or receive payment from sales on Craigslist, Offer Up, or Facebook Marketplace. The New York Times and Apptopia, a mobile services tracking firm, found that the number of users mentioning frauds or scams in Venmo customer reviews had increased by four times in the past year. "Let me just be really clear," Pelosi said Oct. 8. Spoiler alert: It’s mostly positive, but you may need to wait awhile. As Powell emphasized in his statements, any digital dollar would serve as a complement to physical cash, not a replacement. What are Square and PayPal doing to help? Here are the steps for Status of Legislation: Introduced Passed House. State and local funding: A big sticking point, the proposal includes $300 billion for cities and states, up from $250 billion in an earlier proposal. As Forbes’ Jeff Rose reports, the current status of the HEROES Act is relatively healthy, if not entirely true to its original form. The House earlier passed a $28.8 billion airline support bill that Pelosi suggested could be the starting point for legislation.

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