It’s also important to note that overclocking your monitor is always done at your own risk. When it comes time to overclock your CPU, you will need a software tool to monitor your progress, as well as something to record the results. A lower memory latency level may improve performance in some applications. This feature provides three settings for tuning GPU performance: GPU Tuning allows customization of clock speeds and voltages. After that, you can either put your computer to the test through some games or run a frame-skipping test. Click Apply Changes to save the setting. NOTE! Zero RPM enables quiet operation whilst the GPU is under light load and is enabled by default. It will require additional software and the steps can vary depending on whether you have an AMD® or NVIDIA® graphics card. If you wish to return to default settings, you can restore global or individual application Radeon™ Software settings to their default values by clicking on the Reset option located in the upper right area in the Tuning screen. To use the Frequency/Voltage mode, set Advanced Control to Enabled: VRAM Tuning allows customization of memory clock speeds and voltages. The fan speed and temperature curve can also be fine-tuned by entering the desired values for each state below the curve. When an application specific profile is loaded, it will override Global GPU Performance settings while that application is running. So if you have a 1080p display, you can crank your resolution up to 1440p or 4K, and 1600 x 900 resolutions can go up to 1080p while 1440p/QHD displays go up to 3200 x 1800. You can do this by right-clicking on your desktop and selecting it from the menu. Most monitors can handle a bit of overclocking, but there is always the risk of complications, even if that risk is minimal. Overclocking With AMD. Read the End-User License Agreement. If you wish to create an individual GPU Performance profiles for a specific 3D application(s), please refer to Creating Application Profiles section of article: How to Configure Radeon™ Software to Get the Optimal Gaming Experience. Nvidia’s equivalent downsampling function is called “Dynamic Super Resolution” (DSR) and does much the same thing. It allows you to customize a bunch of graphics settings as well as overclocking your monitor. In Frequency (%) mode (default), move the VRAM Frequency (%) slider to the desired setting, click Apply Changes to save the setting. Performance Tuning is not supported on APU Graphics (graphics integrated on a CPU) or AMD Graphics that are preinstalled in OEM systems. Memory Timing option provide three settings to choose from: Click Memory Timing drop-down arrow to select between Memory Timing Levels. Changes made within the GPU Performance menu can be saved as a Tuning Profile depending on the system usage. The availability of specific Tuning options will depend on the GPU being used. Best Gifts For Gamers 2020 – The Ultimate Gaming Gift List. If you’re using an outdated connection type (like DVI, which is only meant to support up to 60 Hz), your monitor may not be able to perform even with the settings enabled. This may also void warranties offered by the system manufacturer or retailer. Also, do remember that your monitor itself, as well as its peripherals, limit its overclocking potential. Just open your Radeon Settings, and the “Virtual Super Resolution” option will be right there. Next, click on Create next to Custom Resolutions. For the AMD users, there are two ways to overclock the monitor. These include: NOTE! To access Performance Tuning options, follow the steps below: This section describes the available options for tuning the performance of your GPU. From there, select Display, and then Custom Resolutions. NOTE! A Tuning Profile for reduced power usage and fan speeds resulting in lower temperatures and a quieter system. The method that you’ll use to overclock your PC monitor is relatively similar for most graphics cards, but because the platforms are different, we’ll go over several methods in this guide. Overclocking a Samsung FreeSync C24F390 Monitor. To overclock your monitor, change the refresh rate in small increments as we recommended above. It doesn’t work uniformly well across all games, however, so you’ll need to just try it out on a game-by-game basis, and see where it works best. This site is part of the same network that also operates DisplayNinja and PS4Daily before it was merged with GamingScan. How to overclock your monitor with AMD Radeon Settings. To overclock one of these cards, first open the Intel HD Graphics Control Panel.

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