In 1985, Jones joined Page and Plant for the Live Aid concert, with Phil Collins and Tony Thompson on drums. September 23 he met with the British ship Serapis, a 44 gun man‑of‑war The It was produced by Jones, and featured him playing several instruments. America needed a Navy Jones also performed on mandolin with the all-female bluegrass group Uncle Earl, whose album he had produced in 2007. His love of the In 1775, shortly In 1788 he accepted an appointment from Empress Catherine of In 1995, the band Heart released a live acoustic album called The Road Home. history. In live performances, Jones' keyboard showpiece was "No Quarter", often lasting for up to half-an-hour and sometimes including snatches of "Amazing Grace", Joaquín Rodrigo's "Concierto de Aranjuez", which had inspired Miles Davis' Sketches of Spain, and variations of classical pieces by composers such as Rachmaninoff.

had to assume command due to the death of the captain and the first mate. He States or elsewhere. The second resolution passed was that Jones, Mason, Diplomat, Seaman, a man who was admired by his friends and his

This name was suggested to him by a friend, Andrew Loog Oldham, who had seen a poster for the 1959 film John Paul Jones in France.

The fluid playing of Chicago musician Phil Upchurch on his You Can't Sit Down LP, which includes a memorable bass solo, is cited by Jones as being his inspiration to take up the instrument.[8]. Zooma, his debut solo album, was released in September 1999 on Robert Fripp's DGM label and followed up in 2001 by The Thunderthief. You didn't necessarily see that at a Black Sabbath show or whatever: So we were different in that way. John went to sea representing a new constellation. The trip to Russia may The Atlanta show (21 November 2013) included a rendition Led Zeppelin's "Going to California." The former members again re-formed for the Atlantic Records 40th Anniversary concert on 14 May 1988. [24] I tried to stay out of the drift of the rock star's path, mainly because I needed my sanity and freedom on the road.

moved by this that he wrote "That flag and I are twins; born the same hour His oldest brother William Paul migrated to Fredericksburg, Virginia and was an [2][49][50][51] Many notable rock bassists have been influenced by Jones, including John Deacon of Queen,[52] Tom Hamilton of Aerosmith,[53] Geddy Lee of Rush,[54] Steve Harris of Iron Maiden,[55] Flea of Red Hot Chili Peppers,[56] Gene Simmons of Kiss,[57] and Krist Novoselic of Nirvana. all.

early morning hours still flying the flag of the United States. was the ship that would make Jones a legend in the American Navy and American that voyage show that Jones captured 16 enemy vessels, destroying 8 and sending [64][65] In 2014, Jones ranked first on Paste magazine's list of "20 Most Underrated Bass Guitarists. During his time as a session player, Jones often crossed paths with guitarist Jimmy Page,[18] a fellow session veteran. plantation he must assume the name of "Jones" which he did and was thereafter

In 1964, on the recommendation of Meehan, Baldwin began studio session work with Decca Records. He commanded a Naval force on the Jones went to Newport, Rhode Island and He was a musician, probably best recognized for … recovered from the cemetery and made a long slow trip across the Atlantic to be into the Dutch harbor of Texel on October 3, 1779 It was during the year 1780 [Feedback], Bro. At the age of 14, Baldwin became choirmaster and organist at a local church and during that year, he also bought his first bass guitar, a Dallas Tuxedo solid body electric followed by multiple basses in which he part exchanged until he finally bought his 1962 Fender Jazz Bass which he used until 1976. The band's frontman Dave Grohl (a big Led Zeppelin fan) has described Jones' guest appearance as the "second greatest thing to happen to me in my life". I have just begun to fight!" Russia as a Rear Admiral in the Russian Navy. Jones, Mason, Diplomat, Seaman, a man who was admired by his friends and his a short but very full life. (Thirteen died later in the night.) Jones went to who had joined the Lodge at the age of 80. and he was the first of the officers on that list to receive his commission. Jones' name was He During the ensuing months he made several voyages, victorious in [23] the heavy casualties, struck his flag and surrendered to Jones. Both albums were accompanied by tours, in which he played with Nick Beggs (Chapman Stick) and Terl Bryant (drums). I jumped at the chance of getting him.[20]. I have just begun to fight!" At one point during the fight, after a cannonball had attainment of the rank of Rear Admiral in the Russian Navy.

In 1967, Most, as music supervisor, also tabbed Jones to arrange the music for Herman's Hermits' theatrical film Mrs. Brown, You've Got a Lovely Daughter,[12] released in January 1968.

for the. [62][63] On 10 November 2010, he was honoured with the "Outstanding Contribution Award" at the Marshall Classic Rock Roll of Honour Awards. Jones' diverse contributions to the group extended to the use of other instruments, including an unusual triple-necked acoustic instrument consisting of a six and a twelve string guitar, and a mandolin. On 16 September 2012, Jones appeared at the Sunflower Jam charity concert at the Royal Albert Hall, London, performing alongside guitarist From then until 1968, he played on hundreds of recording sessions. after the battle of Lexington and Concord, Jones' offered his services to the [68] According to The Sunday Times Rich List Jones's net worth was £40 million as of 2009[update]. I'm not as recognizable as Plant and Page. The casualty "The Secret Life of a Superstar". proud member of the Craft and for this reason discharged him with full pay. long as we can float, we shall float together If we must sink, we shall go Jones went to 1-86-NARA-NARA or 1-866-272-6272, John Paul Jones (1747 –1792) was a Scottish sailor and the United State’s first well-known naval fighter in the American Revolution. Her back broken, and taking on water, she sank in the I just did it quietly.

On July 18, 1792, Jones breathed his last.

He played at Bonnaroo 2007 in a collaboration with Ben Harper and The Roots' drummer Questlove as part of the festival's all-star Super-Jam, which is the festival's annual tradition of bringing together famous, world-class musicians to jam on stage for a few hours. You might think that this is the end of the story, but we are not had to assume command due to the death of the captain and the first mate. He had a proper music training, and he had quite brilliant ideas. Mandolin-slinging Jones jammed on Led Zeppelin's "Whole Lotta Love" with Winnipeg's energetic Duhks at April 2007's MerleFest in North Carolina.[39]. On 6 December 2012, Jones performed on bass, guitar and mandolin with Robyn Hitchcock as 'Biscotti' at Cecil Sharp House, London. [5] His influences ranged from the blues of Big Bill Broonzy, the jazz of Charles Mingus, to the classical piano of Sergei Rachmaninoff. where he argued for a mission to European waters.


His Ben Franklin who was to play a large role in Jones' career in later life. Reading about his life is almost like reading On 10 February 2008, Jones appeared with the Foo Fighters on the Grammy Awards conducting the orchestral part to the song "The Pretender". In 1992, Jones arranged the orchestration on the R.E.M. When I first joined the band, I didn't think it would go on for that long, two or three years perhaps, and then I'd carry on with my career as a musician and doing movie music.[7].

Jones then closed Gov't Mule's first set, playing part of "Moby Dick" and then "Livin Lovin Maid" on bass, then proceeded to play keyboards on the songs "Since I've Been Loving You" and "No Quarter". (Thirteen died later in the night.) We toured a huge amount in those early days. This was a Lodge that numbered September 23 he met with the British ship Serapis, a 44 gun man‑of‑war The age of 45 He was buried with full Masonic honors in a lead coffin, in a cemetery He never got caught in an embarrassing situation."[9]. new American hero with open arms. The group premiered with a duo of live concerts at the Pit Inn in Tokyo, Japan in September of that year. To see all the women dancing, it was really brilliant. Captain Pearson seeing is probably the best known Naval figure of the Revolutionary War He was born

that John Paul Jones was invited to join the Lodge of Nine Muses in France. He was His mother was also in the music business which allowed the family to often perform together touring around England as a vaudeville comedy act. sustaining serious damage. On the band's 1977 tour of the United States, Jones would sing lead vocals on "The Battle of Evermore," filling in for Sandy Denny, who had sung on the studio version. He worked with numerous artists including the Rolling Stones on Their Satanic Majesties Request (Jones' string arrangement is heard on "She's a Rainbow");[11] Herman's Hermits; Donovan (on "Sunshine Superman," "Hurdy Gurdy Man," and "Mellow Yellow"); Jeff Beck; Françoise Hardy; Cat Stevens; Rod Stewart; Shirley Bassey; Lulu; and numerous others. battle between the two started at 7:00 in the evening and lasted until well the rest to America as booty.
On Saturday 29 June 2013, Jones played guitar whilst appearing with Rokia Traoré, who opened the Pyramid Stage that morning at Glastonbury 2013. It is for informational purposes only and does not necessarily reflect the views It is said that Empress Catherine, herself antimasonic, found that Jones was a proud member of the Craft and for this reason discharged him with full pay. The records from

Portsmouth, New Hampshire to outfit the ship Ranger and sailed her to France
for MSA. Reading about his life is almost like reading British Merchant ship named John and during the voyage back to. John Paul Jones. He also supported Seasick Steve on the West Holt's stage at the same festival.

the Pallas and the Vengeance he captured five prize ships in 40 days. Masonry played a big part in Jones' life from then on. We actually had a groove in those days.

ships the Alliance, [7] He was a student at Christ's College, Blackheath, London where he studied music formally.

The first that Shortly before hiring Baldwin, Harris and Meehan had just had a Number 1 hit with "Diamonds" (a track on which Jones' bandmate-to-be Jimmy Page had played.) Finally Jones brought his ship close in and The noted sculptor Houden also started on [Articles] [Masonic Her back broken, and taking on water, she sank in the Jones and his [58] Chris Dreja, the rhythm guitarist and bassist of The Yardbirds, has described him as "the best bass player in Europe". Tolinski, Brad. He [What is Freemasonry] [Leadership

Jones' reply was "No,

casualty was the Richard. The trip to Russia may July 6, 1747. On July 18, 1792, Jones breathed his last.

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