This movie is a waste of time. Once you have watched it for 10 minutes you know what territory you are in. External Reviews A Marine who, when he fears he might not pass his Captains exam (HUH??) User Ratings Dengan pilihan download video HD 720p gambar lebih jernih dan tajam. Other than that it is awful. The sword Excalibur has been melted down in a Holy Grail, but not that Holy Grail...although that was a quest which made it confusing. Required fields are marked *. For the rest of the film, if this was a purely US production, it would be a 1-star (my B action flick ratings start at 7/10 stars, so it's hard to mess up). Active duty Marines with full beards. KING ARTHUR AND THE KNIGHTS OF THE ROUND TABLE is yet another Asylum rip-off, this time of the Guy Ritchie Hollywood blockbuster KING ARTHUR: LEGEND OF THE SWORD. I, a 14 year old, feel like I could very easily do way better visual and special effects with what I know just from YouTube videos on how to do special effects. Cops use "security" uniforms. I recommend this movie for everybody who loves a goodish B movie and if you listen closely, near the end of the movie, even though the Big Guy's not in this movie I'm pretty sure I heard someone mention Godzilla. While I won't be suggesting King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table as a Bad Movie Night movie, it certainly couldn't hurt to be one. The ending speech dragged way too long. I rate this movie a solid five not good, not bad. You name it, and this movie's got it...and it's all bad. It's hurt by terrible production values, especially when the Knights claim to use original Arthurian weapons; they look like cheap Asian training swords. In medieval England, Merlin and King Arthur banish the evil enchantress Morgana and her son Mordred to the ends of the universe as Morgana vows revenge. Expatriate and B actors and actresses in Thailand (not Taiwan, as another reviewer noted) doing a knock off of what the producers probably hoped was a blockbuster, but since 2017's big budget King Arthur was a box office bomb, they didn't have much to emulate. KING ARTHUR AND THE KNIGHTS OF THE ROUND TABLE is yet another Asylum rip-off, this time of the Guy Ritchie Hollywood blockbuster KING ARTHUR: LEGEND OF THE SWORD. Starring Sara Malakul Lane , Eoin O’Brien, Alex Winters , Kelly B. Jones , Russell Geoffrey Banks , Jon Nutt, Asia Marie, Byron Gibson , Harold Diamond , Jack Easton, Eilidh ‘Ailey’ MacQueen, Tanja Keller, and Ron Smoorenburg . It was pretty hard to decide what is the main base of this film. If I could I would rate this movie a -13/10. The idea was good to be fair, but poorly made. I stuck it through to the end as I don't feel it is right to rate or review a film you haven't actually watched. Perhaps he got the part because of his dark colouring and vaguely sinister looks. Often all three. I haven't seen the Ritchie flick yet (go figure) but I can report that this is the worst Asylum film I've seen thus far, a total travesty of filmmaking. Even though it's not mentioned in the writeup on this site, the ending led me to believe that was most likely going to be a Pilot for a T.V.

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