This symbol can be a great reminder to keep you grounded and strong despite being free to do whatever you want. You can show your love for flowers, the beach, and everything tropical by adding these designs onto a simple anchor design. Your email address will not be published. 5. To add to the effect, use a wooden anchor design instead of a metal one. This lighthouse sleeve tattoo does not shy away from color. Sketch-like lines pair with pretty floral work to create a visually appealing design. Also See: 55 Inspiring Arrow Tattoos that Will Make You Want to Get Inked Immediately. This is a wonderful example of how a small lighthouse tattoo can be a picture perfect addition to any tattoo sleeve. Most flowers have their own meaning; for example, the rose has been commonly used as a symbol of balance, hope, and beauty. Make your anchor look like a vine by wrapping flowers around it. Coloring a lighthouse on an island picture. If you are into magical tales, you can add a cloud of dust and sparkles as a background for your anchor. Yo ho, yo ho, a sailor’s life for me! See more ideas about Anchor tattoos, Tattoo designs, Anker tattoo. This could easily be altered to fit your own personal home state! From simple and small to intricate and sizable, there are numerous lighthouse tattoo designs available to you. What better way to do so than to get inked with the name of your special someone combined with the symbol of an anchor which represents strength, hope, and love? Try choosing flowers that would effectively express who you are. For women, anchor tattoo could mean that they have a dominating and unchanging personality. Here you’ll find the latest trends in makeup, nail art, tattoos, and hair styles. 55 Inspiring Arrow Tattoos that Will Make You Want to Get Inked Immediately, 132 Easy Designs for Short Nails That You Can Try at Home, 155 Various Design Ideas for a Rose Tattoo, 45 of The Most Extraordinary Gemini Tattoos to Compliment Your Body. Anchor & Nautical Tattoos Collection de Vittoria Gabbiani. The brilliant reds and oranges contrast magnificently with the blues and purples, creating a scene that exudes peace and and tranquility. A tasteful and thought-provoking design, this small lighthouse tattoo has a large presence. 19 janv. The anchor with a rope is a cool and classic combo that will definitely stay on trend for a long time. With its more versatile size, this tattoo could be placed on the hand, foot, or shoulder. If you prefer a more understated and simple piece of body art, this simple lighthouse tattoo idea certainly fits the bill. 2020 Looks Like Candy | Best Trends in Makeup, Hair, Nails and Tattoos, Looks Like Candy | Best Trends in Makeup, Hair, Nails and Tattoos. Here, you will find a number of anchor tattoo ideas to give you inspiration on what to get for your first tattoo. If you want to add more to your tattoo than just the arrow, you can also put a map for your background and draw in a compass, a captain’s wheel, and other instruments used by sailors to complement the arrow design. This quirky lighthouse leg tattoo almost appears to be drawn on in Sharpie ink, but that is what makes it so charming. The attention to detail is flawless and the seagulls seem ready to fly right off your arm into the air! Symbolic of security and stability, an anchor is a perfect match for the hopeful meaning of the lighthouse. Wood from different trees can have different meanings depending on their history. A popular technique utilized to create the lighthouse rays is to leave the skin blank and shade around it. tattoo for someone whose life is dedicated to the sea, design still incorporates a lot of detail. Tattoomagz is our sole passion in beautiful tattoo designs and ink works, built and developed as an online compilation gallery serving thousands of the coolest tattoo designs and jaw-dropping custom ink-works. Traditionally, we often imagine loved ones who have passed as looking down on us and guiding us through life. You can also add colors to your tattoo to make it more meaningful. 9. Ready to stand out with a brand new look? You can combine it with almost anything you could think of. Appearing like a vintage illustration of a lighthouse scene, the detail and sense of realism in this lighthouse tattoo design is simply inspiring. There is an interesting juxtaposition between the darkness of ink that symbolize the rays of light. It is a symbol of eternity whether on family, friendship, or love. Creative options are limited with anchor pieces as the symbol needs to be recognized. Memorable DateA classic, colored anchor design stringed through a rope. Mixed DesignThe anchor is only one aspect that helps make a successful voyage. Let your heart’s desire shine through with this small lighthouse tattoo. This lighthouse tattoo idea brings double the trouble with its mirrored design. Suggestive of the evils that can lie just out of the light, this lighthouse tattoo accentuates the lighthouse as a beacon of hope. Framed by clouds, this tattoo symbolizes a spirit looking down from the heavens and acting as a guiding light and beacon of hope. 10. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. This classic anchor design is accentuated by a small heart right over the anchor’s stock, devil thorns for its fluke, and a more pointed crown. With diamond stars and a rising sun, this design has a whimsical feel. You can have both as long as you are willing to bear the pain depending on the design you decided to ink yourself with. FieryAlthough the anchor is usually associated with the ocean and the color blue, you can make your design more unique and interesting by using the colors red and orange to give it a fiercer and fiery look. A flying balloon is usually a symbol of freedom. If you plan on getting a smaller tattoo, adding a big knot around a small anchor is a creative idea. It is a special symbol especially for travelers since it is a representation of the ability to be brought into the right direction. You can make it a symbol of anything that you can think of. This is a timeless piece that will surely outlive many generations. With each individual brick in this place, this design will require a lot of time and patience. You can also add a little shadowy background for a cooler effect. This lighthouse traditional tattoo pays tribute to the classic red and white coloration. This makes you look cooler since you will be diverting from the typical anchor tattoo design that a lot of people have. Symbolic of numerous positive emotions and messages, lighthouses make for a meaningful and significant tattoo design. Also, getting a tattoo might hurt a lot, so make sure that the design you choose is worth all the pain. Words can simply not do this piece justice and will require significant experience from the tattoo artist. Red Anchor with CrossThe anchor is also known to have been used to hide the image of the cross so people can still carry their faith with them without being too expressive about it. The skill of the tattoo artist is truly exceptional. 4,469 Likes, 17 Comments - Black and White Illustrations (@blackworknow) on Instagram: “"The Light shall" by | #blackworknow if you would like to be featured…”. Beautifully executed, this design is classic and timeless. Adding a rope around it that combines the lighthouse and the bottom of the anchor will help complete the artwork. However, the traditional history of anchor tattoos can be traced back to early sailors, who wore it to represent invulnerability and achievement. This tattoo has a much lighter and peaceful feel compared to some of the more intense designs on this list. Giving off Rapunzel tower vibes, this lighthouse tattoo has an almost magical storybook feel. About. This colorful tattoo is enclosed within the shape of South Carolina, suggesting that there is always strength in returning home. The two compasses point in different directions, highlighting the feeling of being lost. Different flowers symbolize different things and have various meanings, so it is up to you to decide which type of flower you want to combine with the anchor. Symbolic of security and stability, an anchor is a perfect match for the hopeful meaning of the lighthouse. In the above example, the small lighthouse tattoo provides a nice pop of color, symbolic of the brightness lighthouses give off.

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