After Flashpoint, DC reset Lord to the position of the Black King of Checkmate, though the always-formidable Amanda Waller captured him and brought him into her Task Force XI program. Malefic J'onzz Satan Girl | Scorcher | The DEO evacuates the airport and defuses the bomb. Roulette | [23], Captain Atom tells the others that an explosion, seen in Brightest Day #1, propelled him briefly into the 24th century, where he saw a world reduced to a pre-industrial state by a metahuman war instigated by Lord. At the end of the 52 Pick-Up story arc, Booster Gold and Blue Beetles from the past, present and future go back in time to Countdown to Infinite Crisis and prevent Lord from killing Ted Kord. Comics agents prevents Non from killing Lord and he merely lunges Lord away to assist his men in fighting the D.E.O.. After Non's men are defeated and Non has fled, Lord forbids the D.E.O. Though he may appear to be little more than a greasy businessman, the manipulative Maxwell Lord has been the ringmaster of the Justice League, the world’s greatest spymaster, and … [clarification needed][citation needed], Originally a normal human, Lord is one of many people on Earth gifted with superpowers during the Invasion crossover, when a Gene Bomb is exploded by alien invaders. Lord's ruthlessness at this time is illustrated when he sets up a disturbed would-be terrorist as a villain for the League to defeat, resulting in the man's death (the would-be terrorist believed he had a bomb connected to his heartbeat, but in fact Lord had disconnected it). Like many of the most successful and influential people in the DC Universe, Maxwell Lord IV was born into money. (Gamemnae, Rama Khan, Tezumak, Sela, Andrea Rojas, Margot Morrison, & Eve Teschmacher) | Lex Luthor | Malefic J'onzz | Brainiac | After Kara has returned and after the death of Astra, Lord demands to see Kara. During an accident in which Supergirl saves a group of civilians, she is attacked by Lord's Supergirl. —Maxwell Lord to Kara Danvers. Cyborg Superman | Lord influenced Superman by showing him hallucinations of his own enemy layered over heroes like Batman and Wonder Woman. Peter Facinelli (born November 26, 1973) is an American actor. Rather than kill Kryptonians, Red Kryptonite lowers and gradually destroys their inhibitions, even after they have left its presence. Like heroin, or the welfare state." [3] When Maxwell IV was 16, he came home to find his father dead in an apparent suicide. Just like anyone else in National City, Lord has taken a shine to Supergirl and has now made it his life's mission to uncover her secret identity. Meanwhile, Cat Grant begins to suspect that Lord has gone missing, despite the fact that the DEO makes it seem that he is still in charge of his operation and sending disciples to deal with any problems. The Story [10]. In the midst of her battle with Superman, Diana realizes that even if she defeats him, he would still remain under Lord's absolute mental control. [9] Alex shares this perception, describing Max as a "reformed nerd with a god complex."[8]. At Lord Technologies, Lord and a team of scientists plan a SuperTrain for National City. Toyman | 3 first look, Wonder Woman 1984 - Official Main Trailer, First Look: Wonder Woman Gets an Acclaimed New Creative Team, Wonder Woman 1984 Releases Four New Character Posters. He then sends OMACs after the current Blue Beetle, Jaime Reyes, who calls Booster Gold and the others for help. Monitor | infected within global the populace.[51]. Robotman – Who is the steel heart of Doom Patrol?

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