Present Patreon powers membership businesses for creators by giving them the tools they need to acquire, manage, and energize their paying patrons.

Patreon was cofounded by YouTube musician Jack Conte, who was seeking an easy way to allow his fans to contribute money for his online videos. Premium also comes with some brand new offerings such as Team Accounts, which allows multiple people to access the same account — this will probably be more useful for small media companies or creative studios. Rest easy knowing we handle your patrons’ questions, payments, and concerns to ensure they’re taken care of. We catch fraud before it hits your balance so you don’t have to. Those paying with PayPal from outside the U.S. will be charged an extra one percent. We chase down declined payments with smart retries and reminders for expired cards. At any rate, Patreon Lite has basic features including a hosted creator’s page and communication tools, while fees are set at 5 percent for each payment received plus processing fees. We help you optimize your tiers, and track and deliver benefits to patrons. Patreon gives me freedom and a much more genuine approach and relationship with the people who are following me.”. As things stand, the actual amount of payment fees varies based on a number of factors, though Patreon estimates that on average it is effectively around 5 percent. But as a result of these changes, it said that it will now be able to invest heavily in its platform, which is the biggest hint it could give that these new creator plans are designed with one goal in mind: to bring Patreon more money. Access our livestream workshops featuring top creators. Learn more about Patreon Pro. September 9, 2020 .

Again, these new fees apply to future creators only. Sign up for free. For all payments from patrons outside the US using PayPal there is an additional 1% surcharge. The new membership plans, which take effect from early May, start with the basic Lite tier. Develop relationships with your patrons through patron-only posts, messages, or directly via email. It’s also worth noting here that Patreon is tweaking its payment processing fee structure. Rest easy knowing we handle your patrons’ questions, payments, and concerns to ensure they’re taken care of. Click Edit next to the membership you want to cancel future payments for. Make your voice heard in the US elections. Make your voice heard in the US elections. Memberships are billed on the first of each month.Patreon was co-founded in May 2013 by Sam Yam and musician They signed up more than 125,000 Patreon is clearly super wary of upsetting the apple cart with these latest changes, which is why it has been careful to keep current users on their existing plans. Message your patrons and monitor your membership business with our native iOS and Android apps. Want to run a membership on your own website under your own brand? The Pro plan will charge 8 percent on all income, though as noted existing users will be kept at their current 5 percent rate — additional features here include unlimited app integrations (none are available on Lite), analytics, and priority customer support, among other add-ons.

You own the relationship with patrons. Pay yourself whenever you want, or receive monthly auto payouts from your creator balance via direct deposit, PayPal, or Payoneer. Patreon, a subscription and donation platform that lets YouTubers and other creators earn money for their online content, has announced a major deviation in its monetization model. Create the world you want to live in. of the monthly income you earn on Patreon.

Earlier this year, Patreon revealed that it now has 3 million patrons actively paying money each month, and it is on schedule to hit $1 billion in total payments sometime in 2019. Learn how new cloud-based API solutions are solving imperfect, frustrating audio in video conferences. This will only apply to those who join Patreon after the new membership plans kick in, … From early May onwards, pledges of $3 or less will attract a set “micropayment rate” of 5 percent plus 10 cents for each payment. It’s completely free to get started. Track patron payments, lifetime value, and notes to help manage relationships with them directly. The San Francisco-based company has raised north of $100 million since its inception, and is now the default mechanism for millions of people to pay their favorite online creators. Plans include reoccurring billing, additional membership tiers, and tools to grow your membership business. his fee covers the use of Patreon’s membership platform. VentureBeat Homepage.cls-1{fill:#ed2025;}.SiteLogo__v{fill:#ffffff;}. Your creator page is where you invite fans to become patrons, showcase the benefits you offer, and post updates and content just for them.

Membership tiers are levels of membership with different benefits and prices. It allows creators and artists to earn a monthly income by providing exclusive rewards and perks to their subscribers, or "patrons". Includes standard Patreon features plus additional tools & integrations to grow your membership business.

Step 2: On your Active memberships page. Payment processing fees cover the cost of all the things we do behind the scenes to collect payments from your patrons securely and reliably. Wary of blowback, however, Patreon is quick to stress that these changes won’t impact existing creators, which is why they will be kept on their current pricing and payment processing rates.

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