Mmmmm . The Wrangler does it differently, expecting the driver to know what they’re doing off-road, and it provides them the systems to manually switch on and off in order to accomplish their goal. Contact one of our Land Rover Sales Reps today at 844-702-9348 or via email to for more about this offer, available colors and options. It can jump from 0-100km/h in just 5.4 seconds, and yes, that’s not as mind-bending as some of its twin-turbo rivals, there is a chance you might enjoy the extra second or so to reach highway pace because of the aural experience you get while it happens. The diesel Rubicon is rated at an impressive 7.5L/100km, while the rest of the petrol V6 line-up spans 9.6L/100km for the two-door Sport S and Overland, and 9.7L/100km for the four-door Sport S and Overland. It’s soft, balanced and stable – exactly the ticket when you want stability and articulation. The Jeep's 2143cc 197bhp diesel hits the drag wall at 112mph but it beats the Defender by two tenths on the acceleration run, thanks to its generous torque and relatively low weight. Deactivating stability control is in all cases liable to unhinge more mass and greater force than is advisable for making it safely through to the exit of the corner. VAT no 918 5617 01 Approach angle: This is the maximum angle of an upgrade onto which a vehicle can climb from a flat surface without interference. From e-bikes to Uber, EVs to public transport; your resource for reviews, news and advice focusing on urban lifestyle. Apparently it disappeared into the distance with something more than 150Kw and 430Nm from it's naturally aspirated V8. For Australia, the range is split into three trim levels and a choice between short-wheelbase two-door, and long-wheelbase four door bodystyles, as with the previous JK-generation. These numbers aren't always apples-and-apples comparisons, and are probably more indicative than outright accurate. Payload is 740kg for the P400 S, and 767kg for the D240. Defender - reliable. There’s also the non-Range-Rover-designated Land Rover Discovery and Discovery Sport. Worth pointing out that the P300 Defender has bigger brakes, so tyre size starts at 19 inches, no cool steelies. This offers a much more aggressive all-terrain pattern, but unfortunately without the option of light truck construction. Plus when it comes to media and controls, there’s Land Rover’s InControl Touch Pro Duo (2x 10.0-inch screens), Wi-Fi hotspot, a Meridian Signature Sound System with 28 speakers, Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, Bluetooth phone and audio, and 2x front and 2x rear USB ports. To compare off-road specs, we’ll look at the luxury-minded Lexus LX 570 and Mercedes-Benz G550, and a more proletarian off-road pro, the Jeep Wrangler. Another welcome goodie is the Configurable Terrain Response, which lets you lock the centre diff, deactivate ESP, adjust the torque bias, dial in on-the-fly low-range gearing, vary hill-descent velocity and tweak traction control. Read our Land Rover Defender review. The new vents behind the front wheels are functional, with the role of reducing under-bonnet air pressure at speed. Availability may vary by dealer. There are two distinct schools of thought in this area: new tech and old-school. Despite having good tyre diameter, the bulky underslung leaf springs of the LandCruiser sit low. It's big and does look heavy, but the design was perceived as friendly among onlookers we spoke to. But I wouldn't touch a Toyota diesel at all. It was a shitbox. This sort of thing seldom happens on media events thanks to impeccable planning of every possible contingency. The lowest price of entry for the Wrangler four-door (the one they sell far more of) is $33,290 for a 2020 Sport model with no options. And the fact that the bottom section will close automatically if you hit the top close button is nice, too. Our Overland is a relatively sensible, well equipped all-rounder, with a roof and a vast optional sunroof big enough to climb out of should you need. While not as healthy as the competition, the Defender offers a decent amount of sidewall for off-roading. So, in terms of initial published specs for off-roading abilities, this one’s really a tie. The Wrangler does offer a few things the Defender does not: a manual transmission for one, but that’s more a matter of personal preference in what you prefer off-road. As with the international launch, we’ve only been given access to the Rubicon so far, but we’ll follow up with tests of the Sport S and Overland ASAP.

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