There's a brief scene where a group of frogs and lizards are dressed as Spanish conquistadors, then suddenly the frogs explode off-screen for no real reason. So what occurred, was that these people dressed up as Bible characters are capitalist entrepreneurs, or people who at least work for a capitalist entrepreneur, who exploited this mans body while he was passed out due to being highly intoxicated. And the scene ends when we see our main character caressing the one and only plaster mold of Jesus that he intentionally left behind.

Never do it characters explicitly tell you the significant of the events, but much like the characters it's a journey of enlightenment. Jesus is unified, and like you mentioned very in touch with his animality. The Holy Mountain explores to many spiritual, sexual, sociological, and psychedelic concepts to understand in one viewing.

Which in my opinion, created a very stunning and jarring image. Its definitely a film that I would never recommend to a casual movie goer and I’d even be hesitant to recommend it to some film lovers due to its appalling artistic ambition. This intricate collective designed is sure to challenge the thoughts and translation of the viewer. Not even Buuel with a brainful of Woodstock's bad brown acid could have made something this gloriously screwy. | Rating: 4.5/5 TLDR; don't watch The Holy Mountain unless you're completely sober. I probably missed a vast majority of the allusions but the spiritual message stands strong. Copyright © 2020 The abstract interpretation on the series of odd images is more than satisfactory for viewers seeking to challenge their minds. They won't be able to see your review if you only submit your rating. We then get a shot of Our main character as he wakes up from his drunken slumber. I tried to watch this film high for the first time the other day - this scene had me turning it off. The scene I wanted to zone in on occurs within the first 10 minutes of the film. From what I've seen from him it seems like Jodorowsky packs so many symbols into his films back to back that its hard to address one thing without so many overlapping themes presenting itself. Coming Soon. It's definitely not for everyone, but this film is definitely one of the most "esoteric" and "occult" films of all time. Cinemark

They then along with a man without any limbs tie the thief to a pole and begin to throw rocks at him. There's plenty about the film I don't understand, but that's plenty for me to enjoy the hell out of it. |, February 12, 2010 It speaks figuratively rather than expressing itself through a literal sense. Link to Video Essay: No matter how the film is interpreted "The Holy Mountain" is never boring for what it bring to the forefront to the viewers that will confuse as well captivate the imagination., This could be easily interpreted as a miserable primitive man who is experiencing an identity mental breakdown. Alejandro Jodorowsky’s “Holy Mountain” is a dazzling, rambling, often incoherent satire on consumerism, militarism and exploitation. Not because it's story is so complicated it demands your full undivided attention to every detail in a frame, but because it draws its inspiration from Tarot cards (thank you Mr. Edogawa for those long lessons), Christian Iconology, Latin American History, futurism, mysticism, politics, astrology in a combination to strange images that correlate together into a difficult to decipher theme.

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