Has anyone in your family been diagnosed with HS or experienced HS symptoms? Cynthia’s body displayed marked lividity, a phenomenon caused by the cessation of blood circulation when the heart stops beating at the time of death. It could be anybody.” — dooglek, “My dad was a cop in South Australia in the 80’s and 90’s and he told me a story about one of the guys on the SA Police Force who did similar – except his was that he’d get the information from their ID at traffic stops, find out if they were single/married etc and then go rape them if/when he thought they’d be alone. Gina’s father spoke with the police about his daughter’s address book, but it was not at the scene, nor was it ever recovered.

From household names like Ted Bundy and the Zodiac to killers still on the loose, learn about the most evil serial killer stories history has to offer. If she had known that Gina’s address book had not been at the scene, she would have known that her feeling that it had been the killer on the other end of the phone was correct. Refine by tag: serial-killer serialkiller murder killer thriller mystery crime horror death detective suspense mystery-thriller romance murderer blood scary truecrime serial gore psycho tedbundy.
1.2K Stories. I always lock my doors at night because of him (and I was born after he died).” — FaceofBeaux, “Robert Hansen. Matthew Milat, who was also 17 at the time, committed the murder while Klein filmed, and the pair later posed for pictures with the body. Gina Marano—often misspelled as Narano in both news articles and even a few court documents—aged fifteen, and Cynthia Chandler, sixteen, were not just stepsisters—they were best friends. In tears, she called her lawyer boyfriend, Mark Gotteman, who in turn placed a call to the LAPD. As soon as she got in, Debbie realized something was wrong.

Tammy and Karla’s parents were not prudish when it came to their children drinking.

Gina had succumbed to gunshot wounds to the head, while Cynthia had, in addition to a matching head wound, been shot in the chest at close range. The TV show sparked renewed interest in the case, including the rumor of his escape, and saved the analysis of the body for the season finale. Well actually I took over for another, female server, because he was giving her the creeps. After Vayron went back to Peru to visit Pedro in prison, she said that Vayron returned a different man. There was a certain twisted symbiosis in the lives of those working the strip. She really liked Paul. Soon Tammy was getting sleepy and having a difficult time keeping her eyes open. And yet, oftentimes, the stories involving the real killers are even more bizarre than their make-believe counterparts.

I lived within a 5 minute walk of the main railway line that he used in Southwest Houston. Brigges’ husband, Henry, and his brother ran a moving company and Henry had been one of the last people to see the girls alive.

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She was being followed by a guy in a small car who kept insisting on giving her a ride. It doesn’t look like he ever went to New York City. I was inches away from a man who had raped and murdered dozens of people, and I had no idea.

Like Rader, Travis wanted attention from the media. At work, Karla had seen the effects of a drug called Halothane; used as an anesthetic for surgical procedures. Could Debbie’s story be true? He was raised in a militant Fundamentalist Christian household, joined the military, then came back to the US and killed at least 11 people all over the country. Earlier, everyone had gathered to partake in spiked eggnog and other mixed drinks.

A twenty dollar blowjob would enable a user to buy a couple modest-sized rocks and keep them amped up for two to three hours.

It sounded like pure evil.

I normally consider myself very socially aware, and yet even with the overwhelming obvious evidence, I didn’t think this man was anything more than a creep. Moving as if she were in a daze and her limbs feeling heavy and limp like a ragdoll, Tammy managed to remove her clothes and crawl under her thick comforter. Gina told Cohen they had gotten jobs at a Taco Bell near the place they were currently residing, but if they were employed, Cohen thought to herself, it was obvious that they were barely getting by. Submit your writing to be published on Thought Catalog. Throughout the early 1960s, London was plagued by a series of prostitute killings known as the Hammersmith nude murders.

After he was released, Gacy became a popular member of his community as Pogo the Clown, and regularly visited children's parties and events. Confused but unquestioning, Tammy took her older sister’s advice. Despite the girls having a hungry look about them, as if they weren’t getting enough to eat, Cohen envied the girls and their bravery in striking out on their own. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. The belief in Mills’s possible involvement was spurred on by his suicide in 1965 which, perhaps coincidentally, happened a few months after the last Hammersmith murder. My uncle was a police officer (actually, he was a detective with the sheriff’s office), and was transferring someone to the prison, or something like that when Nightstalker was caught. There’s like a trifecta of trauma that so many serial killers seem to have in common.

Unfortunately, Rader's campaign for notoriety worked, since we're still talking about him to this day. Sexual abuse as children, violence as children, brain injuries.” — SVCD_GUY6. It investigated the possibility that notorious 19th-century American serial killer H.H. But who was he, and what events led to this massacre? Nobody has any clue who the kid is but the image of distress on his face and the toolbox full of torture tools next to him have forever been burned into my mind.” — mightydouchebro, “One of the saddest stories is one of the boys he picked up was 14 years old and on his way home from the gas station. This way if the man tried to get up he would be alerted. Depraved.

In 1991, Tracy Edwards helped authorities capture one of the most infamous serial killers in US history. For the most part, up until the 1980s, STDs were largely made up of curable illnesses. That is exactly what the couple did. Karla cursed at Tammy while Tammy had inwardly smiled to herself. It changed me. That's why serial killers are considered both horrendous and deeply fascinating. The killer is notorious for dismembering and eating his victims after killing them. On the witness stand, Wesson’s sister didn’t come right out and confirm this, but she did state that when their father was drinking, he was much more inclined to hug and kiss them. Read the stories of some of the worst of the worst in true crime. When Laurie relayed the message to Henry later, he told her that on June 11 he and an employee had seen the two girls. It centers around the haunting, and alleged murder, of the patriarch of a real family named Bell who resided in Tennessee in the 1800s. Mary had been hurt so utterly deeply, that it seems pain was the only thing she had to give others. Dude thought he was a vampire and that the government vaporized his blood.
He would then go on to kill at least 350 people over 20 years, though he claims to have been involved in roughly 600 murders.

That’s not necessarily the case for Vayron Jonathan Nakada Ludena, a Peruvian migrant worker who allegedly killed six people in a string of home invasions in Kumagaya, Japan. Karla, playing nursemaid, comforted her younger sister and reassured her that she would feel much better after a nap.

Known as the "Vampire of Sacramento," Chase began by drinking the blood of small animals, like rabbits and birds — sometimes blending their organs with Coca-Cola to make a totally disgusting concoction. When you are 15 years old you just can’t fathom. Whenever I’d hear the train passing through (it’s a major line), I’d get a little chill.” — bullshitfree. That night in 1990, nothing could be further from the truth.

Much later, she saw the same man on the news and realized that she was almost abducted by Ted Bundy. As she passed out once again into dreamless unconsciousness, she had no idea someone was watching her. The prerecorded diatribe was to be played for each new victim as they awoke alone, naked, and strapped to a gynaecological chair specifically converted into a tortue implement. “I used to serve tables in Auburn CA (where he used to be a police officer). Ferguson got angry that Rifkin wouldn’t be quiet while Ferguson was using the telephone. the most terrifying serial killers in history.

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