I had traveled to the dawn of time,” he said. The main Au-Pt-Pd mineralized zone at Serra Pelada cropped out in what is now the northern end of the open pit and was mined over about 300 metres of strike length to the southwest and to depths of around 120 metres in the pit.

Serra Pelada was a large gold mine at the south of the mouth of the Amazon river. The Pyramids, the history of mankind unfolded. Soon within few days, word had spread, and people rushed towards the Serra Pelada site. Workers of gold mine Serra Pelada claims, Curionópolis, Carajás mineral province, Pará, Brazil. Serra Pelada (English: "Naked Mountain") is a Brazilian village, district of the municipality of Curionópolis, in the southeast of Pará. Serra Pelada (or in english 'Naked Mountain') is a brazillian village and district of Curianópolis municipality, southeast of Pará state. Rarehistoricalphotos.

“Every hair on my body stood on edge. In 1979, a farmer, Genésio Ferreira da Silva, found a nugget of gold. Serra Pelada was located in a remote area in Brazil, measuring 270 miles south of the mouth of the Amazon River.
When Brazilian photographer Sebastião Salgado visited the mine, he was stunned.
... $108,000 at the 1980 market price (now $335,123 in 2020).

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