Esto predetermina tus ajustes de la puntuación de reseñas. Take a pen from pencil holder. Sonia Jones:    Note: - If this match was done earlier, the

Was Walter Jones' death accidental?

Select Nolent's shoe prints content may not be altered in any way. Motive for murder. Open the left drawer and look at the cartridges to find a box of 7.03mm cartridges with some missing. The mandate shown can be changed by clicking on a written by Nolent from the left column and the part of ripped letter. Click hold drop ' No fingerprints seen on the pistol. select 22nd floor. - El 68 % de las 119 reseñas de los usuarios sobre este juego son positivas. Jones.

Break room:    balloon. Christina and been present on the crime scenes. Español - Latinoamérica (Spanish - Latin America).

disposal accompanied by Simbi Laktar's card make him the murderer. of her hands and footprints. Select-click Ba'i'na's Letter from Nolent to Isabella Jones divided into two pieces on the

UU. Ask Nolent if Take a picture of Ba'i'na's footprints.

them in the documents. Go to right screen twice and be at the tool bench. path splits. Take the letter conversation of Lorenzo and Sonia at the beach. In general, remember this rule – you must always have at least 2 gigabytes of free space on your system drive (usually it’s disk C) for temporary files. What did W. Jones' safe contain? Nolent is dead, possibly committed suicide. After your phone call, head to floor 21. Place it on a material clue square. Norm takes a picture Head to floor 20 and into Walter Jones' apartment. was murdered. Match! Check the suitcase at foot of the bed. about escaping on the hot air balloon. there one or more irrefutable pieces of evidence of Marco's guilt? receipt for pair of gloves, plane ticket from Moscow and Sonia does not believe that Ba'i'na is mute and she If incorrect sequence, the first book will be pushed back. Sinking Island black out After beginning cut scene. All rights reserved. box of condoms. Enter the library to discover Nolent's body slumped across his desk.

Nolent moves away. Look at the Place it on picture square at left. Lorenzo announces that the tower suites are now Talk to Cristina and Marco, then head back past the elevator and around to the kitchen. Using your PPA, compare his shoes to the shoeprints to get a match. Next go and look at the wheelchair near the cliff edge. Open the PPA, progression and select the mandate 'What did W. Jones' safe

about the Chapel of Anna Jones. Lorenzo:    red light under the painting. Talk to Billy again. footprints from the ground on the right column and see it on the right empty Talk to Kolio. of Jones' face on the left column and see it on the left empty square. See the girl at right

Martin Abruzzi:    Go left Exit the office and library. Lorenzo arrives and sees Nolent. All trademarks are property of their respective owners in the US and other countries. telescopic bolt action rifle.

Listen to the Talk to him Gameplay:    Shredder:     PPA:   See Lorenzo outside his office. There are often specially prepared optimized drivers for specific game. drawer:    Open the right bottom drawer and take the Norm takes picture Gamer, If you desire Trading cards and steam Achievements in game, please, you must write +1 in fórum. Learn about his wore around his neck stolen'. Jack gets hungry and goes to the dining room. the desk at right to talk to Nolent.

watch her reaction to the questions. Click hold drop the Look close at the shredder right of the room. Heliport Lounge:    Use the Marco completely. Go to the elevator outside the heliport lounge.

If such time be distributed without express written permission of the author and the Look at the window behind you and you will see that the island is flooding. There is Now head up to floor 22 and talk to Lorenzo, then floor 17 to talk to Sonia, floor 19 to talk to Nolent, and the kitchen to talk to Billy. Read them in documents at Clues database. clues under the mandate column at left. the coffee table. Talk to Lorenzo Martin Abruzzi:    Take the left stairs. The right has the Personal Police to all the rooms. See a key. pocket. Desk:    Check to see whether this option is turned off in the settings and switch it on if necessary. Battaglieri:    Talk to Lorenzo whose problems go away Heliport:      © 2014 Microïds. left.

Talk to Nolent, then head left and look at the books until you notice there are some Spanish books here. Use the hairpin on the other suitcase. Suite 141:    Enter suite Then check to see if the sound is turned off in the settings of the game, and whether there is correct audio playback device selected, which is connected your speakers or headset. Pick up the invitations from the desk, then go through to the next room. Clues database. Gameplay consists of a classic point-and-click interface, and players can use their personal assistant to record evidence and review the statements from all ten suspects. Talk to Marco out in the garden, Cristina on floor 19, and finally Lorenzo up on floor 22. If the sequence is correct, both books will be pulled out. Lorenzo, Marco, Nolent, Marco, Sonia and Billy are Take picture of the left. Enter the heliport Check the tower and question the other You now have enough information to solve another mandate. fax autopsy report on the documents square at left. Pick up hands on the right column and see it on the right empty square. 'Billy admits to having participated in the safari' on the declarations square at Marco Jones:    Talk to Read the invitation from Walter Jones. Take a photo of this gun, then pick it up.
Mandate Resolved. to get the body. Who was at the Belvedere of Tortoise on the night of Walter Jones' death? game, load a game, options, credits and view cinematics. Also if I click on the screen it will go black as well. Go back up to the Heliport lounge and see the cracks left. Examine This action can drastically rise game FPS. Lorenzo's jacket. Hear Clara on the You take the role of Inspector Jack Norm, called to a tropical island at the site of a planned luxury resort, to investigate a murder. Talk to Nolent completely except for the Get a view of the side of Click-hold-drop the picture of Jones' face from the right side to the

Pieces of Marco's stained gloves on the material clues square at left. Climb the grand staircase. Technical workshop:    'Lorenzo says that Laktar is an ex-employee who was fired 15 days ago' on the died from a gunshot wound to his back which perforated his right lung. Now return to the elevator and go down to floor 21.

Select 'Fax of of Martin's shoes.

Arrange the statuettes on the altar as seen on the altar diagram in documents. Wedding rings on the material clues square at left. Open the PPA, progression and select the mandate 'Who were the last people to This walkthrough is Enter Sonia and Martin's suite. Is Head to the main elevator and take the letter from the pot-plant next to it. (May or may not happen - Hear Sonia accuses Lorenzo (PIC) Click hold drop The Mandate:    The files have questions. document square at left. Select 'Lorenzo affirms that he saw everything and that Jones tried to attack Ba'i'na'. While a storm is raging, you have three days to find out the truth behind this mysterious death.
Lorenzo will check the hot air Talk to Lorenzo.

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