To smooth out vector artworks, you need to blur the edges or to retrace them. Lazy Nezumi Pro works with tablets that support the Wintab API, and the newer System Stylus (Windows Ink) API. Lazy Nezumi Pro allows you to easily modify your tablet's pressure response curve. A small investment that will save you tons of time and frustration in your art career! Lazy Nezumi Pro offers 3 different position smoothing modes, for which you can easily control the amount.
Lazy Nezumi Pro is a Windows app that helps you draw smooth, beautiful lines, with your mouse or pen tablet. The pencil has a built in auto-smoother that is adjustable for how smooth you actually want it.

When I’m creating logos, sometimes I use a pencil tool to outline or draw my shape, rather than drawing a circle and then trying to massage it into my desired shape. To smooth out an actual line with the smooth tool, Copyright © 2020 Teition Solutions. App cursor getting in the way when drawing details? When this is enabled, your line will automatically catch up to your pen's position when you stop or lift it.

For me, this includes logos. To the right and you have a very smooth line, to the left much less.

Overlay guide lines and control points will help you optimize your workflow while remaining accurate. The Hook Window feature allows you to use Lazy Nezumi Pro in almost any art application!

Check out the user testimonials and see what people are saying about it!

If you hover over the middle tool, with what appears to be rings around the shaft of the pencil, it tells you it’s the smooth tool. No matter the industry, from entertainment and gaming to fashion or brand design, it helps them save time and frustration so they can focus on their creativity! All rights reserved.

For me, this includes logos.

Choose Object > Path > Simplify to open the Simplify dialog box and clean up selected curves.

To access this menu, just double click on the pencil icon in the toolbar.

Forced to make fast strokes to avoid seeing any jitters? When using the pencil tool, it’s usually very hard to draw a smooth straight line. Catch Up is an option available for MA and EMA modes. This pops up a window to adjust these settings. Art software leaving ugly artifacts at the end of your lines? Adobe, Photoshop and Flash are trademarks of Adobe Systems Inc. Windows is a trademark of Microsoft Corp. Until you get used to adjusting control points to manage curves, you’ll appreciate a feature that Illustrator provides to smooth out a jagged path. Program: Adobe Illustrator CS6 Operating System: Windows 7. Powered by, Launchy – No More Desktop Icons or Quick Launch ». No problem! If you are a professional or want to become one, you certainly want your vector artwork to look neat and sharp.

As we did with the pencil tool, shifting the Fidelity and Smoothness to the right makes the line smoother, and to the left makes is less smooth.

Still not convinced? With these rulers, you can have your lines automatically snap to ellipses, radial lines, bezier curves, or even linear, isometric, and fisheye perspective systems! If any of this sounds familiar, you will love Lazy Nezumi Pro!

Lazy Nezumi Pro is used by thousands of talented artists and designers all over the world.

Try it yourself. Most of the features mentioned above can be configured and saved to a custom hotkey-enabled preset. Smoothing Lines with Illustrator.

Play with it!

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