Marlo concludes that, Drew is upset when Lewis, Oswald and Kate begin neglecting him to devote more time to their jobs. Steve grows angry at Drew for making cracks about Mimi during a family dinner. She has gained back all of her weight and is homeless. They keep it a secret because they fear that Steve and Sharon would force them to go on more double dates if they knew they were getting along. Drew insists that he is actually upset because Steve is trying to take away his bar. Drew meets a woman at the Warsaw and invites her to the party. Lisa calls and leaves a message saying that she has figured out a way for them to begin dating in public. He breaks up with her and denounces Buzz Beer. Drew is shocked by his brother's news, but decides to stand up for him. Drew tries to calm everyone by following the handbook and putting on a play about stereotypes with Kate, Mimi, Chuck, Doreen and another woman. Drew misses his chance at the Proctor & Gamble job because of Mrs. Wick's interference. Drew's friends chip in to buy him the dented model, and tell him that he got it as a consolation prize. She agrees to go out with the guy, but calls it off after he makes a disgusting pass at her. Oswald insists on keeping a tanning bed that Kate's uncle in Ireland recently sent them as a belated wedding present. He and Drew become very competitive and decide to make a bet on the outcome of the game. Drew is alarmed to learn that Lindsay would lose her $500,000 per month alimony if she ever re-married. She confesses that she is also unhappy, and they have an amicable break-up. They learn that they both have fertility problems. He quickly scares her off with his overeager behavior, and ends up back in the class. He pleads with Kate for another chance, but she says that she never wants to see him again and peels out in her car. She feels bad about causing him so many problems. Drew overhears her say that she is going to tell someone she loves him during the party, but doesn't know that she is talking about him. She is bewildered when Jay simply tells her that he is moving and does not even ask her to come with him. Kristen and Wick point out that they are both adults and are free to date whomever they choose. Mimi and Steve used the absent Wick's ticket to take the trip, and decided to have sex on the train. They immediately establish a connection and set off to catch the rat together. Mimi fails to share his whereabouts with Mr. Wick, and gets him to appoint her the new manager of the women's store. The store decides to rent all of the houses it had purchased to employees. Drew insists that she must talk with Oswald face-to-face. Drew's friends mock him after learning of the age difference, but he insists that he really likes Celia. He convinces Drew that there will be a massive computer failure and total chaos on New Year's Eve. The company begins making a profit for the first time. After arriving in New York, they get stuck in a massive traffic jam and meet Donald Trump. Kate worries that Nicki is going to hurt Drew again. Drew fails to make a sale for several days. The Blue Man Group then covered him in paint as part of one of their experiments. Kate figures out what is going on, but doesn't get mad. He plans to make the announcement to the board the next day. Looking to watch The Drew Carey Show? Lewis convinces Drew to put off firing Kate until after the weekend so that they can all take part in the contest. This long-running sitcom stars comedian Drew Carey as a sort of blue-collar everyman.

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