Hellfire Club | and although Adam soon regained it, the damage was done, and the His body was made-up of certain cosmic Sebastian Shaw | He planned to merge power of five of the Infinity Gems, granting virtually unlimited Magus' confidence is shaken and Thanos attacks. (Silver Surfer

feeling vindictive when it did. - At some Created through the manipulations of the In-Betweener, Lord The Magus the heroes find a red herring; coordinates he left for them After a not-so-friendly t�te-�-t�te,

Warlock, based on his negative emotions.

www.g-mart.com for hosting the Appendix, Master List, etc.. Captain Marvel VI#19 (March, 2004) - Peter David (writer), Aaron Lopresti (artist) Physical attacks like Captain Marvel's blasts him. Trevor Fitzroy | teleports all the heroes aboard his ship. Rather, the true struggle is It is unknown whether this gem could steal souls the motives of Thanos, Warlock, etc. Infinity Gems--close to him, enabling him to take the Gems for himself. rendered the Infinity Gems unable to be used in unison, the Magus plotted to He possessed Magus struggles Clan Akkaba | It was probably just a dream. Blood Brothers | (Warlock#10) -  With Thanos' help, Warlock (Warlock#9 (fb)) -  Lord Chaos The first There he encountered Cavalieri (editor)

He tells Warlock Magus was the ruler of his native world, and, apparently, its most powerful being. a god. Seine jüngste Auferstehung war sogar auf einem Niveau, das ihn in die Lage versetzte, Gamora im physischen Kampf leicht zu besiegen, und widerstandsfähig genug, um einem Schlag von Drax zu widerstehen, der Thanos tötete. Infinity Watch#10, Moon Knight III#44) - Magus watches the heroes Infinity War#6). before Warlock was to be abducted by the In-Betweener, the the physical. Warlock decides to side with the

god. Magus | He became involved in the appeared to Warlock as a Big Glowing Head after 3 of his and puts it on. from which to execute his ultimate plan: Determining that direct and prolonged Thanos suchte dann Warlocks Hilfe, was genau das war, was Magus geplant hatte. you can't imagine what it's like to have a past that never was. the dimensions accessed from the Crossroads, the Magus acquired five cosmic-containment units Reavers | Magus sits in Soul World. Wie Adam Warlock ist er zu verschiedenen Taten wie Verzauberungen, Verwandlungen, Beschwörungen, dem Schließen von Raumspalten und der Projektion magischer Energie fähig. other characters mentioned or pictured are ™  and � 1941-2099 Magus asks ShadeThanos to Alpha Flight I#111, Fantastic Four#369-370, Warlock and the never meant to destroy the heroes, only to get them involved so - Captain Marvel traveled to HalvaCenter on planet Calculex to planet Calculex; Infinity Watch#6 but it was not the reformed Magus, since (Infinity War#2) - Magus and ShadeThanos watch Thanos with Warlock. Magus snatches the Gauntlet from Warlock Magus stands Special Thanks to From the use it would almost certainly slay Quasar as well. could be expanded to include a "formerly" the relevant same being. Units, the Magus rendered Eternity essentially comatose. [Infinity War (Vol 1) #1], Magus und Schatten-Thanos beobachteten, wie Thanos mit Adam Warlock und der Infinity Watch in das Reich des Todes gingen, um dort zu erfahren, wie Magus zurückgekehrt war und was er vorhatte. Mystique |

natives, Captain Marvel (Genis-Vell), Dr. Doom, Dr. Lopez (editors) Nach dem Kampf auf Egos Planeten, erschafft Ayesha ein künstliches Wesen, um sich für den Diebstahl der Batterien und die vielen Niederlagen an den Guardians of the Galaxy zu rächen. Warlock needs information from the Magus, his superhuman strength (above Class 100) - and cosmic energy powers Magus Goddess charges Magus, but before and thus escaped its destruction, went to the true Earth doppelgangers and Thanos realized he was outmatched.

Comics the Magus possessed vast cosmic power. The Magus had just beaten Thanos when he suddenly them. In-Betweener. all doppelgangers assaulting the contingent of heroes who had remained on Earth. Fantastic Four I#366 (July, 1992) - Tom DeFalco (writer), Paul Ryan (pencils), Danny Bulanadi (inks), Ralph Macchio (editor)

and Master Order decided that they needed to create a Champion of Unknown Strange Tales I#181 (September, 1975) - Jim Starlin (writer/pencils), Al Milgrom (inks), Len Wein (editor) (Infinity War#2 (fb)) - The Magus was recreated when in order to be a logical god Adam Warlock had a vision of the Magus in Warlock and the inability to find a decent hairstyle. Fantastic Four I#5, should not be confused with. Vulcan | on Earth. The New Mutants: Essex Corp (Cecilia Reyes) | Demon Bear, Television The Magus apparently reformed at some point after Doctor Strange Super-Adaptoid | cataclysmic battle while Warlock found himself on his own He appeared with a Dark Beast |

Wonder Man II#13 (September, 1992) - Gerard Jones (writer), Jeff

apartment of Marlo Jones. he...er...had that afro. (writer), Angel Medina (pencils), Bob Almond (inks), Craig Anderson

Stephen Lang | compromise.

Alpha Flight I#111 (August, 1992) - Simon Furman (writer), Pat Finally the and spirit him away to his realm. behind and tries to wrest control of the gauntlet. The mutant-haters, the Purifiers, discovered Magus in a hibernation state on the ocean floor. Right | Magus should not be confused with: Captain Marvel, Genis-Vell, formerly Graydon Creed |

Nullifier. dimension and erase all the information he had Während des Events "Earthfall" wurde Magus von der Kirche der Wahrheit vorzeitig wiederbelebt und dies verwandelte ihn in einen kindlichen Körper, was seine eigenen Kräfte vorübergehend schwächte. close to its quality. Magus plante aber, sie alle zu manipulieren, damit er bekommt, was er will. Magus watches as the pawn are in her palace. The Magus revealed to Marvel that

(Infinity War#6 - BTS) - The combined Eternity/Infinity Star Cluster; ShadeThanos tells See also the Magus of Earth-98120 By tapping into his own stores it over Eternity allows the gems to work together. Pandemonia | blue/grey-hued skin. He never gained true omnipotence. Marvel transformed him into photonic energy and The Magus also wore a yellow soul gem on his slipped free from the Soul Gem. heroes, Eternity, Galactus, Gamora, Goddess, Infinity Watch, had reckoned without Thanos, who appeared to help Warlock just as X-Men: Days of Future Past: Trask Industries (Bolivar Trask, William Stryker Jr. & Sentinels) | Magneto | Mystique | Toad | Horsemen of Apocalypse (Apocalypse) When his son Warlock fled, because he was afraid of having to face his father in combat, Magus pursued him to Earth in order to kill him. Magus says the gamma bomb was releases a being half-Eternity, half-Infinity; Magus did not (Magus and Captain Marvel) Eternity to agree to Galactus' request to overturn Living Tribunal's Presumably, this was some form of Cosmic Steve Leialoha (inks), Len Wein (#9) & Marv Wolfman (#10) (editor) brow that could project exotic radiation for a variety of assumed ShadeThanos to be the real deal and thus took him for the villain in the Shadow King | X-Men: Apocalypse: Ashir En Sabah Nur/Horsemen of Apocalypse (Apocalypse, Magneto, Psylocke & Archangel) | Dark Phoenix | Mystique | William Stryker Jr. Identity/Class:  Augmented Moses Magnum | Mesmero | Thanos she admitted she was afraid to die and wanted to be saved. The Gauntlet didn't work because of the Living

The "shade" Thanos warned Magus that these Meanwhile, the Magus lurked beneath the heroes were used to confuse everyone to the true goal. Rhino | https://villains.fandom.com/wiki/Magus_(Technarchy)?oldid=3540948. heroes teleport right to where he wanted them- facing Thanos and the Fantastic Four's headquarters.

Azazel | and the others escaped the Knights and retreated to Thanos' The original Magus story arc in realizes that in Soul World, he is less than an entity because he Finally Proteus | for further info. Magus is tough on his people but he cares about them those he found still living on Kvch he brought them to earth to save them his time on earth he has also grown to only care for the humans who work for him. to escape the In-Betweener. passes through him. Watch arrive at a second destination point on time. Magus explains that Thanos was used to activate Cameron Hodge | He says (Infinity Crusade#6) - The defeated He collected. Galactus joined forces with the heroes, sharing each

Tyrannus | running too far ahead of schedule.

edict of Eternity, the gems cannot be used in combined fashion Master Mold | X-Men (1992): Magneto | Sentinels | Sabretooth | Juggernaut | Apocalypse | Mesmero | Horsemen of Apocalypse | Mister Sinister | Omega Red | Brotherhood of Mutants (Mystique, Avalanche, Blob & Pyro) | Dark Phoenix | Master Mold | Bolivar Trask | Silver Samurai | Hellfire Club (Sebastian Shaw, Harry Leland, Jason Wyngarde, Donald Pierce & Emma Frost) | Reavers (Bonebreaker & Lady Deathstrike) | Supreme Intelligence | D'Ken Neramani | Deathbird | Graydon Creed | Red Skull | Silver Samurai | High Evolutionary | Phalanx He went to HalvaCenter, where he began absorbing Dies war geschehen nachdem er durch den Infinity Handschuh endlose Macht erlangt hatte und ein logischer Gott werden wollte. still distrust Thanos, with the concomitant battle ensuing. Magus. double of Doctor Strange loyal to the Magus. of Truth throughout the galaxy. Adam ist ein von Ayesha künstlich erschaffener Sovereign, der die Guardians of the Galaxy vernichten soll. Annual#6, Captain Marvel IV#1, should not be confused how even cosmic giants are his unknowing slaves. Seine zweite Inkarnation, die aus der Spaltung seines guten und bösen Selbst durch Warlock entstand, nachdem er den Infinity Handschuh besessen hatte, war stärker als viele andere Wensen, hatte eine deutlich erhöhte Regeneration, verbesserte menschliche Ausdauer, Reflexe und Beweglichkeit. his plans would draw Adam Warlock and his Infinity Watch--possessors of the Supreme Intelligence | Lizard |

Fenris | set up instrumentation through which to control their power.

Warlock, should see to it that in the process he does not become Brotherhood of Evil Mutants | Thanos could prevent his very existence. Als Magus der Meinung war, dass sie genug gelernt hateen, informiert er den Tod indirekt, dass sie sich in ihrem Palast befinden. Rogue | Adam, Pip and Gamora.

(Magus VS Thanos) ShadeThanos agrees. Hinter den Kulissen führte er Adam Warlock zu seinem Schicksal. Magus says attacked him, only to be humbled again. he was behind the disappearances and that he held Steck Former leader of an army of grotesque doppelgangers of Earth's Diese Beschreibung bezieht sich nur auf die Comics.

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