It was a neat landing--very mysterious even though we've already seen it with Tony. Doug asks Ann to get the boys to give information on the Titanic including cross sections and other details--the works. On the bridge, a General Woody Kirk walks out to meet his old friend LeRoy. Jiggs has no moustache and doesn't know Tony. Kirk says the same thing, "Ten years ago." This first episode, like all Allen series, expertly sets up the series. Doug answers, "He can be living in yesterday, next week from now, or a billion years from now. Close ups on both as before. Tony encounters Jiggs and a soldier who has been here 14 months on the project--Project Tic Toc. Doug calls in a pass word, "Mobile Tic Toc One to Tic Toc base--permission to enter." | A jet plane flies and Senator LeRoy Clark is told over the intercom to fasten his seat belt. Ray and Kirk feel their procedures are being perfected more and more each day. That's taking place ten years ago." Tony walks off to get that jacket he tells her. Release Dates Passengers are playing shuffleboard on the floor. The engineer kicks him out, "Tourists." Add the first question. He land in the engine room of the ship as a man stokes the fire or something. There is a great view of them coming into the complex, looking quite minute. Tony says, "I'd settle for the Amazon as long as it's the 1968 Amazon." He gets her to the side and a man helps her into the life boat. Ann tells them to close the ten year gap and Jerry comes over in a long shot, "Why not just go out there?" He says they could wire for help before the collision on the ship's radio. View production, box office, & company info. He takes it off and leaves it there. Doug tells them, "Tony should be in on this. When Clark tells Kirk about Tony Newman running into the tunnel like a madman---the copy I viewed had some loud and strange whistling sound--sounding like a sound effect that went wrong--or perhaps it was the tape but I doubt it. Dr. Tony Newman prematurely enters the government's Time Tunnel project, and the project head, Doug Phillips, must go back to save him as they both fight for survival on the sinking Titanic. Looking for something to watch? She is a school teacher who gave up ten years of her savings for the trip. Report This. Doug turns upsidedown in the time vortex. The area he is in was slashed open. Doug and Tony run but pass an open area where there is only a small chain. As IMDb celebrates its 30th birthday, we have six shows to get you ready for those pivotal years of your life ... your 30s. Tomorrow he is going to write a blank check for them or cut their umbilical cord. Tony tells himself more than her, "I must have been stupid to think anyone could understand." The elevator free falls for 800 floors, the Senator not being happy with it. Later, Clark is given his suitcase back as he prepares to leave. They do and the two are frozen in image before they can hit the water. They bid him goodbye. They pass the security center and go into another area of large automatic doors. They walk out of another huge door set in the wall (it is the Keeper spacecraft used on LOST IN SPACE's THE KEEPER two parter as well as reused in HIS MAJESTY SMITH). Write the second section of your page here. THE UNAIRED PILOT 1958 sequences vs. the same 1958 sequence from the second to last scene in END OF THE WORLD: In the unaired pilot, Tony and Doug fly through time but Tony falls in a rare long shot of the whole area. Smith tosses yesterday's newspaper that Doug brought with him from 1968---out the port hole window. Official Sites THIS IS NOT TRUE. However, if they are left frozen for more than just a few seconds they will be killed. Tony runs to the upper deck. The sequence goes on the same as before with the close ups all the same. Doug's clothes are torn and he finds Tony, telling him he's been clawing his way through this jungle for hours. 20th Century Fox Studios - 10201 Pico Blvd., Century City, Los Angeles, California, USA, What to Watch if You Miss the "Game of Thrones" Cast, Marcel Corbeau Seeing that Newman will probably drown and die after he is thrown in the brig (as he was unable to convince the Titanic’s captain the ship was doomed), fellow scientist Doctor Doug Phillips volunteers to be sent to the Titanic with Newman to help him escape until they get sent to another time and place via the Time Tunnel. They run. Clark asks an agitated Ann what is happening now. He and Mr. Granger go up deck. We almost feel Tony's total disorientation. They meet Master Sergeant Jiggs who checks in their suitcases--Doug calls him, "the ramrod of our security forces." Tony heads for it out of the time crystal like tunnel. (In the unaired pilot, he comments on how horrible it is to have to sit here and watch people dying and not be able to do anything about it.) Althea mentions she hasn't seen much of him on the voyage and he tells her about working all the time. A young boy is cleaning the floor of the deck. The tunnel people view sailors watching the iceberg loom up at the side of the ship. Clark tells them, "The tunnel's gone blank." Kirk says, "I do. Doug looks at an irate engineer who wonders where he came from. Three more guards force the door open, knocking Tony over. ", Tony flies through time vortex---a swirling maze of kaleidoscope colors and proportions. Kirk, excited, wakes up a sleeping LeRoy Clark who is sitting on one of the chairs behind one of the three main consoles. While he is suspended his heart rate, tissue regeneration, and breathing stop. Despite his wonderment at what she thinks of him, she lets him go on. This shows the skeptical Senator (Gary Merrill) that miracles do happen! Ann answers, "You'd see nothing. A mechanism intended to access past and future, the tunnel is not quite ready despite a decade of work and all the billions. Doug gets Marcel in the crowds on deck and gets the boy and his mother into a life boat. It is in the unaired pilot. Doug smiles at that thought. Tony then tells her, "What if I were to tell you the past and the future are the same?" Ten years ago. | VOYAGE TO THE BOTTOM OF THE SEA--SUBMARINE SUNK HERE! In short, Jerry's dialogue replaces the Clarke dialogue with the exception being when Ray says, "It's Phillips," (something Clarke said before) when Doug drives out. I'd know those lines anywhere--gentlemen (hey, what about Ann?) This scene is also the most fondly remembered by people who haven't seen the show in a long time. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Smith order that only women and children are to be put in the lifeboats. Cut to Tony calling for Doug, who is not around. They go past double doors and onto an elevator which seems electrically and magnetically run. THE TIME TUNNEL RENDEZVOUS WITH YESTERDAY Writer- Dir- Music-John Williams This first episode, like all Allen series, expertly sets up the series. Her doctor in London is sure but he sent her to NY since a neurosurgeon in NY may save her, it is new--a brain operation. He responds, "I'm asking to believe in life, not death!" After he leaves, Kirk says, "Ray, are you being optimistic or am I being pessimistic?" You're in the present--that's ten years ago." Tony asks Doug, "Why did you come here?" There is a longer version of the on deck mayhem as more people run across the decks and at least three men fall overboard trying to help steer the lifeboats---or just save themselves. As Clark heads out, Kirk and Ray talk, walking to the front of the tunnel. Kirk agrees with her. CLIFFHANGER-Doug and Tony land on the bottom half of a rocket ready to take off. Kirk goes on with the same dialogue about them bringing Tony back ten years too early--and he seems blaming and angry, frustrated perhaps. Among others, the effect was used for both the Jupiter II in Lost in Space (1965) and the Icarus in Planet of the Apes (1968). He pauses, looks back at them, then moves into the tunnel. Clark looks, "So, that's the monster that's cost us all this money." | Three Viewmaster slides from "Rendezvous With Yesterday" and 16-page story booklet that tells the pilot episode. This is one of the most important things said in the series regarding the time concept itself. As he says this, he and Ray look into the tunnel, which seems to glow with a life of its own. Tony gets up, "I made it." Irwin Allen Wiki is a FANDOM Lifestyle Community. and tells him, "This is the Titanic. Tony tells her these things are common place in the time he comes from. Congress has poured seven billion dollars into a large and deep hole in the ground - the home of Project TicToc and its revolutionary new technology, the Time Tunnel. Tony sets his watch as she looks on. This is quite a stunning effect and one which is far ahead of its...time. The strange feeling Tony has is excellently conveyed by James Darren. Clark asks, "Why not just go out there?" Tony admits to not being on the passenger list but he has a doctorate in electrophysics, "I know I sound insane. Clark reports the tunnel has gone blank. It is signed out at a desk near the doorway to the tunnel control room. Doug gives a bold, daring speech about the need to help their friend who is in trouble...who risked his life to succeed where Doug failed. The plane lands in the desert. We see the large shaft that Doug's limo rides down, a security guard waiting at the end. The soldier doesn't know him either and Jiggs says he never had a moustache. Very nice camera work. The music used here was also used in parts of LOST IN SPACE-A VISIT TO HADES and VOYAGE TO THE BOTTOM OF THE SEA-THE TERRIBLE TOYS. She tells him it is six minutes past ten. Clarke looks at it and says, "The tunnel's gone blank." Doug says it is his. You got your guinea pig, Senator." It homed me right in on you in this point in time." Doug tells him they were not--there would have been some kind of residual matter left over. Directed by Irwin Allen. Tony fights though the crowds to get Althea upstairs. Men run across bridges and we see their point of view from the other side of the bridge. Doug figures 300 men survived the Titanic disaster...he wants to make sure Tony is one of those. He had a very bad fall, the woman tells him. Cut to sequence with Tony breaking free up to his vanishing, also in a rare long shot. We hear a bit of LOST IN SPACE music leading to an ad. Neurosurgery can save her life despite her reluctance to believe. The iceberg was hit on late Sunday April 14th and sank Monday. RENDEZVOUS WITH YESTERDAY by Harold Jack Bloom Story by Irwin Allen Dr. Tony Newman, an experimental subject in the Time Tunnel, tries to change the course of history when he lands aboard the deck of the Titanic. A sailor falls into the sea trying to help with the lifeboat (the unaired version had a few more others falling into the ocean). The lounge shakes and the chandelier moves back and forth. A jet plane flies and Senator LeRoy Clark is told over the intercom to fasten his seat belt. Clark asked, "Is time worth all this?" Night (and an ABC promo used this sequence)--Tony sets the devices on the consoles and runs to the foot of the tunnel.

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