She wrote many books about our breed. What a rich and distinctive ancestry to come from!

When recorders left letters out of a word, they indicated the fact by using various marks, such as a period, a colon, a tail on the last letter of the word, a curvy line over the word, or a raised letter at the end of the word. woman - note that this does not always refer to a spouse in traditional usage.

My Father from co Monaghan looked forward to the irish travellers coming to work on the farms when he was a boy.

If any one out there would like to know exactly how it was like to be a Tinker living in a tent and marginalised by his way of life I would recommend 'The Book of Sandy Stewart' which is a verbal account of Sandy Stewart's life and family through interviews conducted by Roger Leitch. tinker-fence, a turf wall of this sort. 1971: Awa, and haud the tink tongue o' ye. [2], The term "tinker", in British English, may refer to a mischievous child. relating to traditional Norse law in the Northern Isles (Orkney and Shetland), the remnant legal system of the Northern Isles, similar to odelsrett. 1845 Stat. I accidentally hit the wrong button when trying to publish this comment:Judith A . About the time I wrote this post, I ordered "Jessie's Journey" and Betsy's book, "The Yellow on the Broom". So is gypsy or gypo, another label which has been falsely assigned to them. 1932 J. Comb. A company of tinckars drinking and revelling in his house. Here's a link: is a link to Part 1 of an interesting You Tube video by Ireland's Kildare County Library Services, made to encourage inclusivity. Daughter of. I think she said they moved to Scotland from down south. It resembles the number 3 or a cursive Z. . Did you know that not all of the southern border travellers were of non romani culture there is a group out of yetholm that are romani scottish travellors who came to scottland in the 1400's, My wife has a Border gypsy ancestor and we have visited Yethom where the Gypsy Palace was: so your blog interested me. I've gone to look for myself. Wonderful post! But we have our own cant and its does survive in small pockets.

William and Jamesina Williamson, they had 11 bairns, 3 of them are buried with their grandfather " Billy the Oiler" in Thurso. Re: Wee Wullie. In older writings it is often referred to as Scottis, or as Scotch, although the term "Scotch" is not liked by many Scots today. A tinker that is. Later the yogh was turned into Y.


In particular a James Williamson who was a travelling pedlar and his wife Agnes or Nancy Millar. Comb. It was used by tinkers and was usually made of mud or clay, or sometimes other materials at hand, such as wet paper. See Tartan, n., 5.; (3) tinker's tea, -tay, tinkie's-, tea brewed in a pan without the use of a teapot. Hello,I trying to find out some of my my wee gran Nan mothers family history, her mother was a Wells possibly___ Jane Wells from Banff area,I remember very little of her stories of her early life but remember Williamson mentioned.It would be good to learn a bit more.Her name was Nan Webster daughter of Frank Webster.Montrose, old thread I know hope to hear back,Andy in Perth, Family Tree DNA ( has established a Celtic Travellers DNA Project and I've found the surname "Graig" there, which may help me solve the "Who do you think you are?" All info is on Scottish Parliament Petition page-give the Tinkers heart of Argyll back to the Travelling People. My main Blood line is McCallum, but i also have McLarens, Stewarts & McPhee's. However, most families preferred their tents to what was often substandard housing, and many of the older generation still do. Example: They were pure greetin’ after the results last night. Sc. What little I heard at home about tinkers was positive.I'm of Scottish parentage, but I grew up mostly in Canada. LOL She knew nearly all the travellers in Thurso, Caithness. Highland Scottish Travellers, while perhaps one of Europe's last nomadic people, are not Roma Gypsies. I never knew anyone really cared about Scottish travellers. 1963 Buchan Observer (28 May) 7: Bess gave Rab's wife a tinking, and the poor woman was in tears. The Summer Walkers prevailed. Italian slang for lazy person with a small dick.

"Mc, Mc, M'c, and Mic". Pudding - A cake or other dessert? .

However, it is much more common to hear it in Scotland than Gaelic. They have developed and privatised that area even renaming the street, Was Hunters Cres and Ruthven Ave. wiped out from history. Very common in place names.

That is a half traveller. Example: Gie us a kiss hen / you aright hen? "Since the 1950s, other aspects of modern life have forced rapid changes on the travelling community. gipsy which has now superseded tinker in common Eng. Useful information about Scottish phrases, expressions and words used in Scottish 2 in Scottish , conversation and idioms, Scottish greetings and survival phrases. And asking my father who lived there he told me that they were the tinker's great tinsmiths basket makers and horse dealers. Past census show Tin Smith, basket weaver, Hawker, Etc. My family are McCallum’s, who lived around Balfron, and Drymen. My name is John Williamson. often refers to illegitimate off-spring but could be used for legitimate offspring as well. She married Nicholas Pascal then Alexander McPherson, they were all traveller hawkers / pedlars who travelled the North east of Scotland extensively for years. Forced eviction from homes.

Ayr. The Highland Scottish Traveller community has a long history in Scotland with records going back to the 12th century. My grandmother is Maggie Stewart the aunty to Jeannie Robertson and she left me her Copyright's to her ballads and in stories what Hamish Henderson had recorded and no one else holds Maggie stewarts ballads Copyrights yes i know Ian Russell from the Elphinstone Institute of the university of Aberdeen and I told him that I own all the wrights to Maggie Stewarts ballads and i told Ian Russell to look into your Internet and tick Tobar an Dualchais Kist O Riches I give my consent to put my grandmothers Ballads on the Internet for people like you to here my wonderfull grandmother Maggie's Ballad's and no one is back stabbing no one and if so its not me,and that was why I give my consent to give my grandmothers stories and her songs that Hamish Henderson he own's the Recordings of Maggie Stewart, so other people can enjoy listing to her, so who had sent me that email from a Anonymous blogger, if I want your apinion, then i will ask, but not untill then. I presume this situation was not unique to Crieff High. A learned distrust of society hasn't helped them, either. I find this fascinating....must be the reason for my father and myself wanderlust.

many wonderfull books are written and many memories are fondly remebered , but unless folk in council offices make real efforts and stop paying lip service to the travelling community the travelling life will be lost to the folk who cling hard to hold on to it , very intresting comments and so nice to see positive talk Maggie, I am interested to read about Betsy's niece's book, and all the others.It is shameful what the (oor) councils did with the travelling people and their children - the forced settling. ), Event took place in Feb on the 1st, 2nd, or  (whatever) Sabbath in the month, ch (a guttural sound as in German - known as the velar fricative. Ayr. Transf. This is definitely a cause worth writing about.Waiting to hear from you,Julie Fredericksen, Bismarck, ND. The English past participle -ed, is usually represented by -it in Scots.

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