What's this?\rThere's something very wrong\rWhat's this?\rThere are people singing songs\rWhat's this?\rThe streets are lined with\rLittle creatures laughing\rEverybody seems so happy\rHave I possibly gone daffy?\rWhat is this?\rWhat's this?\r\rThere are children\rthrowing snowballs here\rinstead of throwing heads\rThey're busy building toys\rAnd absolutely no one's dead\rThere's frost on every window\rOh, I can't believe my eyes\rAnd in my bones I feel the warmth\rThat's coming from inside.\rOh, look!\rWhat's this?\rThey're hanging mistletoe, they kiss\rWhy that looks so unique, inspired!\rThey're gathering around\rto hear a story\rRoasting chestnuts on a fire\rWhat's this?\rWhat's this?\rIn here they've got a\rlittle tree, how queer\rAnd who would ever think\rAnd why?\rThey're covering it with\rtiny little things\rThey've got electric\rlights on strings\rAnd there's a smile on everyone\rSo, now, correct me if I'm wrong\rThis looks like fun!\rThis looks like fun!\rOh, could it be I got my wish?\rWhat's this?\r\rOh my, what now?\rThe children are asleep\rBut look, there's nothing underneath\rNo ghouls, no witches\rhere to scream and\rscare them\rOr ensnare them,\r\ronly little cozy things\rSecure inside their dreamland\r(sigh)\rWhat's this?\r\rThe monsters are all missing\rAnd the nightmares can't be found\rAnd in their place there seems to be\rGood feeling all around\rInstead of screams, I swear\rI can hear music in the air\rThe smell of cakes and pies\rIs absolutely everywhere\r\rThe sights, the sounds!\rThey're everywhere and\rall around!\rI've never felt so good before\rThis empty place inside\rof me is filling up\rI simply cannot get enough\rI want it, oh, I want it!\rOh, I want it for my own\rI've got to know\rI've got to know\rWhat is this place\rthat I have found?\rWhat is this?\rChristmas Town, hmm...\r\rCopyright to Disney and Tim Burton

Enjoy the videos and music you love, upload original content, and share it all with friends, family, and the world on YouTube. from the movie Nightmare Before Christmas, the song \"What's This?\" wrote by Danny Elfman\r\rJack Skellington - Danny Elfman (singing)\r\rLyrics: \rWhat's this? - YouTube (repeat with yellow, pink, green, blue, orange, purple, brown, black, grey, white). - English - YouTube What color is it? Original Song written and recorded by Matt. Classroom tested and improved! It's red. Sing along and challenge as it gets faster! Classroom tested and improved!Game idea: As the students sing the song, they can go around the room and touch objects the color they are singing. Lyrics:What color is it? Copyright 2015Support Dream English! Sing along and challenge as it gets faster! Classroom Vocabulary: Rock Star Kids What's This? In this fun song learn 11 colors and question and answer forms.

Nightmare Before Christmas - What's This? In this fun song learn 11 colors and question and answer forms. Check out what we have to offer: It's red. What's this?\rThere's colour everywhere\rWhat's this?\rThere's white things in the air\rWhat's this?\rI can't believe my eyes\rI must be dreaming\rWake up, jack, this isn't fair\rWhat's this?\r\rWhat's this?

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