Gawn against Freo, easy 140 points and have him as an option as captain. T.U: Yes, get that f*cker off your field. Gawn and Grundy as my rucks (Draper R3) , with one rookie on field (Riccardi / Mosquito), TU: Stick to the plan, get Gawn back in (who my opponent has). And a surpris…, Player FM for Android — Download podcasts free, Player FM for iPhone — Download podcasts free, Keeper Buy, Sell, Hold and Mascot Fight Draft | The Draft Doctors, Grand Final Preview - Penrith Panthers v Melbourne Storm - SC360 ep40 2020 NRL Season, How to Discover Your Superpower & Hire Virtual Ninjas for $1 an Hour, Ep. With this trade Merrett( Essendon ) has St Kilda and Richmond coming rounds, Tigers don’t tag as much this show when neale was playing allow to run free. Is it worth upgrading him to Macrae while I still can afford to?

He’s looked ordinary since he came back from injury with very few CBA’s. Def: Lloyd. I would focus on upgrading them 1st. Who is your other ruck? TD: 3 downgrades this week (Rivers, Wicks, Draper), hopefully leading to Neale & a premo -> uber-premo upgrade next week. DEF: Sicily, Haynes, Daniel, Ridley, Stewart, Doc (Mckay, Sholl) We talk to guests and answer your questions. Grundy has more Ownership (68% vs 23%) so If he goes big and you dont have him , it will hurt you. I’ll have 10 premos who have already had their bye, and can probably target one for my final midfield spot, so 11 all up. Need 5 more premo’s That will Help you Grow your Online Business & Do ALL the things that make you Tired (So you stay Inspired ) Case Study Interview with Super Coach Lincoln R Kemmerer Elite #ActionTaker FREE 1-on-1 Coaching to Help you Add an Extra $10-$20K per month to your Online Coaching Business: Don't Think, Just DO!

I think it’s been that less entertaining, as well as coaches, commentators and AFL staff being that toxic that it’s inescapable, I’ve been thrown off footy altogether. Hi guys. Shaw threw in the towel a long time ago. TD – Wait a week and bring in McDonald or Laird. TU: Good And Why oh why do we lose some our best players to rugby? TU: H.Andrews,M.Pickett,J.Aarts > Z.William,Z.Merrett,S.Wicks. Keep Draper, put emergency on him and wait if he scores well against Cats.

George Jennings — Set to replace Josh Mansour (shoulder) on wing for round one, with Dallin Watene-Zelezniak and Waqa Blake also injured. Lads i’m looking to bring in my final midfielder and funds aren’t an issue . But he’s missed two blocks of games to soft tissue injuries this year and that worries me, especially for a bloke who runs like he does. The Daily Telegraph's Tom Sangster is joined by other football pundits to discuss the week in fantasy football. Taranto came in a month ago as a POD that hasn’t really worked yet ( Crows this week ). Adams -> Fyfe It's a blockbuster week with four cast members back for the Grand Final 2020 podcast! Hold Draper @R2 this week, wait for more cash growth from Wicks VERDICT: No, 9. The post A Supercoach Season In Review (#BRAYSHAWBREAKOUT) first appeared on…. Your email address will not be published. What to do with Gawn? comes in if gawny’s out Who benefits more from their draw? only thing really holding me back from trading smith is that he has a higher ceiling, so T/D Rich (GC/Syd/Carlton), alright last one which one looks better??? Three trades left, playing for league. 98.4 avg with scores of 80, 106, 44, 123 and 138. TU – Smith to Macrae while I still can Zano and Arch have a talk about Grand Final Week and how the season went as a whole. Gresham being out will help though, No Gresham or hanners probably for the rest of the season. So little chat on here about MAX GAWN and his other injury that’s been announced. Loop F6. TD Gaff (Already own Shuey), Might be unpopular, but another one is Shiel, no bye and shouldn’t score any worse than Gaff, Ah forgot about Shiel could be another option, One more premo in both FWD and MID, need help on the below, TU: Gawn, Georgiades -> Nic Nat, Brayshaw (BE 90) Or trade to Goldy T/D? Grundy-Gawn

Doedee > Laird, Outs are: Pickett, M.King, either Noble or Doc. Neale, Macrae, Titch, Whitfield, Bont, Cripps, Yeo, Wicks (Close, Schoenberg, Ruscoe) Twitter: @thedraftdoctors Website:, Did you win? Disregard that Over the coming season we two Footy crusaders will be Cameron Smith to your Billy Slater, Daly Cherry Evans to your Kieran Foran and SBW to the ANZ bank. Is anyone else having the same trouble? in – mcinerty , haynes & macrae in to my team this week. Where did it go wrong for the Eels, Raiders and Rabbitohs. Your. TU: Wicks, Z Williams, Petracca Devon Smith-Dangerfield Your email address will not be published. Time to read the news. JPK only scores average 90-100. Georgiades > Walters/Brayshaw, TU Starc > Sholl We also draft heist movies, and Jono completely stuffs it. Who to bring in for egg this week: Just wondering what everyone would do. Thumbs down – Angus Brayshaw. Draper and Riccardi to go the week after. Do I keep him or trade to bytel/woodcock via dpp. Marcus, Brice & Dunny discuss this week's key topics: trading strategy for the upcoming bye period, Sicily & Yeo replacements, rookies and more! Did you get Williams in Roo Bloke? Adams is a value pick with Treloar out. Latest was JTs Weekend Roundup - Round 14. This podcast includes a review of starting teams, trades made and everything broken down in between!Slack questions have been asked and answers, with the main focus on improvements for next season, including…, Port Adelaide's Tom Rockliff answers the tough questions on the exemptions saga which involves his parents. I’ll have no trades left if I bring in Neale, currently rank ~1000 but playing for league and no care for ranking. FWD – Petracca, Martin, B. Smith, Simpkin, D. Smith, Cameron (Aarts, Skinner). Your #1 resource for daily AFL SuperCoach tips and analysis. FWD: Whitfield, Petracca, Dusty, Baz/Brayshaw, Simpkin/Brayshaw, Greenwood (Reid, Skinner). This podcast will teach you how to attract your ideal clients and how to convert them with high-ticket offers and sales webinars. All encompassing sports podcast, in which Ben Rohrer, Josh Lalor & Trent Copeland sit down to give you their views, ludicrous humour and most importantly to dissect the latest news, ins & outs and FANTASY impacts for Cricket, NRL, AFL, NFL & NBA amongst others! Thoughts on trading out Goldy (still has his bye to come) for NitNat (who has had his bye) to pocket extra $$$$ for my final upgrade being M8. Walters will be named and can likely score more than Brayshaw to finish the year. A look at unhelpful habitual thinking, and what we can do to suffer from it less. TD – Trade Lukosious, Georgiades – Wicks (via dpp) Thoughts? TD O.McInerney, Starcevich >Wicks 211 JB, Pistol & Cheezo's 2020 Season in Review, Border bungle, Mad Monday votes & the first final, Mike & Savs Show- Episode 28 (Round 20 GRAND FINALS Ft. Jake McGivern & Tim Moodie), Delisted and Retirees/Sacked Grog Isodraft | The Draft Doctors, 244 Part 1 - MLB, Cricket, NFL, NBA, Tour de France, Horse Racing, Motorsport, More, Daily Boost | Daily Coaching and Motivation. 212 An Interview with General Soreness (4th overall 2020), A Supercoach Season In Review (#BRAYSHAWBREAKOUT), KFC SuperCoach podcast: Meet the 2020 champion, 244 Part 2 - NRL, Supercoach, Rugby, AFL, EPL, The Champions' Advice and Last Word (feat.

I need to know as well. North Melbourne – Rhyce Shaw has taken an extended break from coaching for personal reasons and may not return to the job. T/D – Haynes/Ridley/Williams and bank the extra for the next upgrade, This just leaves 2 rookies on field. Aarts —> Wicks Serong > Neale Should I trade Docherty or Lukosious? As a fellow long-suffering DBJ owner, I recommend doing anything you can to get him Out. When do they come into effect? just confirming that this round is a rolling lockout still? Need to win knockout final. Need 1 premo fwd to bring in, somewhere around 550k range: I am in this exact same predicament. Means trade out, JJ. You can count on Sam Wicks to not get an injury that will lead to him missing games.

T/D: Mids – Simpson to J Lyons. here. Thinking of the following this week. Maybe Saints v Giants will be the last game of the round? TD – Nic Nat, Berry and Greene/J. Very difficult to figure out particularly it means missing out on wicks which is a risk. We also look at Zac Williams potential move to Carlton and the isodrafts are back! Have given it some more thought, and Williams might be the play. Bingo Given your understandable desire to hold Grundy, I'd get through today's 2 games, and if it looks like you need an extra 25-30 points go Grundy to Witts. Agree on the points, but if your rookies on field are rankine and aarts the decision is harder… Chris Grevsmuhl — Set to start the season in first grade following brilliant pre-season. Titch has the ceiling but is still a shadow of his former self, I would stay away from Steele atm

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