Today, twin birth is seen as a divine blessing. The alleged creation of Yorubaland by Obatala, and the subsequent migration of Oduduwa (from the Middle East) remain controversial topics till date, as there is no tangible evidence to back up either of the stories. They Yoruba also believe so much in giving relevant names as well as pet names to their babies and loved ones. By signing up for this email, you are agreeing to news, offers, and information from Encyclopaedia Britannica. According to the legend, the Yoruba tribe came from the east. However, most Yoruba resides in Nigeria, but there are some groups of them scattered in Benin, Togo and other small countries to the west of Nigeria. The Yorubas are generally known for their cultural significance, and respect for elders and leaders. The Yoruba tribe can be located in West Africa. Here are 5 Facts You Need To Know. The Central Yoruba (CY) dialect is predominantly used by residents in Igbomina, Ijesha, Ifẹ, Ekiti, Akurẹ, Ẹfọn while Ikale, Ilaje, Ondo City, Ọwọ, Idanre, Akoko, Remo, and Ijẹbu communities are speakers of the South-East Yoruba (SEY) dialect.

Facts About Yoruba Tribe In Nigeria: Yoruba Tribe History, Culture, Religion & Traditions. What remains as water today are all the places not touched by the sand. Top 10 Artistes That Put Arewa On The World Map, Biography Of Abubakar Sani Bello (Abu Lolo), Top 10 Prehistory Animals That Are Now Exist, AUDIO + VIDEO: Brenda Fassie – Wedding Day. Marriages in traditional Yoruba culture are generally arranged. Also known as Àwon omo (which literarily means ‘The Children of Yoruba), the Yoruba tribe reportedly constitute over 40 million people generally, including those in Southern and Central Benin. While the Oyo Empire conquered many lands and ruled for centuries, it was not until the 1600s that the empire became a real force of reckoning. They are also known for different genres of music including Akpala, Fuji, afro juju, as well as Afro beats. They can also be found in neighbouring countries. The traditional religion is a common practice in the suburbs and rural communities of Yorubaland. Pounded yam is a noble delicacy in Yorubaland.

Others believe it to be due to providence. You have entered an incorrect email address! Within Nigeria, the Yoruba dominate the western The Yoruba people are stereotypically described as the “lively bunch” for their enthusiasm for parties. Yoruba religion is the basis for a number of religions in the New World, notably Santería, Umbanda, Trinidad Orisha, Haitian Vodou, and Candomblé. The writer got it right. At that time, the Yoruba people already lived in fortresses with high walls, and had a population of 100,000, surpassing many other populated areas, though still not comparable to the most populated city in Africa today, which is Lagos, Nigeria with 20 million people. Their towns became densely populated and eventually grew into the present-day cities of Oyo, Ile-Ife, Ilesha, Ibadan, Ilorin, Ijebu-Ode, Ikere-Ekiti, and others.

Corrections? They formed numerous kingdoms of various sizes, each of which was centred on a capital city or town and ruled by a hereditary king, or oba. Write CSS OR LESS and hit save. This population is spread across the six southwestern – Yoruba – states in Nigeria, including Lagos, Oyo, Ogun, Osun, Ondo and Ekiti. Their traditions have developed and matured for thousands of years, leaving a rich cultural history in its path. In the 11th Century, the Yoruba became a cultural entity in what is now Nigeria. In a small settlement known as “Igbo Ora” in Yorubaland, approximately 15% of all live births are twins. The legendary ancestor of the Yoruba people is considered to be Oduduva. Political authority is vested in the oba and a council of chiefs; constituent towns each have their own ruler, who is subordinate to the oba. SEE ALSO: The Yoruba are one of the largest African ethnic groups south of the Sahara Desert. Yoruba tribe are the second 2nd most Educated tribe in Nigeria and the second 2nd most popular language speaking in Nigeria after Hausa language. At the height of Ile-Ife’s development and dominance, the Oyo Empire sprang out, and went on to displace the ancestral town as the central – most important – town of the Yorubas. Yoruba tribe are the second 2nd most Educated tribe in Nigeria and the second 2nd most popular language speaking in Nigeria after Hausa language. Why You Should Visit The UNESCO World Heritage Sites Of Senegal, 10 Reasons Why Travelers Are Wild About Reunion Island, Where To Rest Your Head In Style In Windhoek. Yoruba people often become top managers and lead the companies. They are known for being good at weaving, embroidering, pottery making, woodcarving, leather and bead working, and metalworking. Many of its representatives get high job positions, become professors, and reach other educational heights. Many of the Yoruba people have adapted to a modern style of dress which is worn in most cities. In this article, we’ll present to you everything you need to know about the ‘Children of Yoruba’, their language, religion, tribe, culture and other interesting facts you probably didn’t know about them. There are two primary gods, who assist the supreme God in piloting the affairs of mankind. The Yorubas are widely regarded as the most knowledgeable/educated tribe in Nigeria. One of the features that make Yoruba people unique is their tendency to form into large city groups instead of small village groups. Ndagi Abdullahi. According to a 2017 study, Yoruba people have ~31% prehistoric “Basal Human” (BE) admixture. We Finally Understand How Oprah Winfrey Spends Her Billions. Is Nas Really A Nigerian And Is He Related To Lil Nas? Yoruba religious beliefs are part of Itàn (history), the total complex of songs, histories, stories, and other cultural concepts which make up the Yoruba society. In Yorubaland, it is believed that twins are protected by a divine being known as “Orisa Ibeji”. Every one of the fowl’s steps would produce new solid ground, and a chameleon, sent down to check up on this process, would determine if the land was dry enough and solid enough. Exploring Unknown Facts About John Legend’s Parents, His Love Story With Wife Chrissy and... Beth Thomas – Child of Rage Bio: What Did She Do To Her Brother,... Yoruba people are popular for a number of dishes eaten in Nigeria. The Rich Nupe Lagosians For every 1000 live births in Yorubaland, about 50 are twin births. Much smaller, scattered groups live in Benin and northern Togo.
Here are 10 things that might surprise you about Yoruba culture. Find more about Yoruba people history, arts and culture Artists sculpted traditional and cultural significance out of terracotta, stone, ivory, brass, bronze and copper as far back as 1300 CE. The Yoruba people are an ethnic group of over 40 million people in total, inhabiting the southwestern and north-central region of Nigeria, as well as southern and central Benin. All credit to Samuel A. Crowther, the first African Bishop, who was the first person to publish a Yoruba grammar. While their primary concentration is in Nigeria, they are also found in other West African countries and throughout the entire world as well. In figures, about 8 million Yorubas still practice the traditional religion, which, in itself, is diverse, with deities (gods) and objects of worship running into thousands. AFKTravel is the only comprehensive resource devoted solely to travel to and within Africa. Most Yoruba men are farmers, growing yams, corn (maize), and millet as staples and plantains, peanuts (groundnuts), beans, and peas as subsidiary crops; cocoa is a major cash crop. Weddings in Yorubaland are usually a lovely sight to behold. When a young man and woman meet, they fall in love and both decide whether they’d spend the rest of their lives together. Almost 20% of the Yoruba people still practice the traditional religion of their ancestors. Kindly drop your comments in the box below. What is His Net Worth? Have any addition? They have developed a variety of different artistic forms including pottery, weaving, beadwork, metalwork, and mask making. The Yoruba people craft skill is especially evident in sculpture. Does Gabriel Iglesias Have A Wife, Son or Family? They speak a language of the Benue-Congo branch of the Niger-Congo language family. They are predominantly found in Southwestern and north-central region of Nigeria and in some parts of the Benin Republic and Togo. Yoruba people are large ethno-linguistic group or ethnic nation in Africa, and the majority of them speak the Yoruba language. Encyclopaedia Britannica's editors oversee subject areas in which they have extensive knowledge, whether from years of experience gained by working on that content or via study for an advanced degree.... Yoruba mask, copper alloy, by Ali Amonikoyi. A people of rich soil and full of mystery, the Yoruba people of Nigeria dance to the beats of the Batá drum under the moonlight, chanting away to the Mother goddess, “Iba’se Yemoja, Olugbe-rere” (I give praise to you Yemoja, the one who brings goodness), offering their gratitude to Oduduwa, the godfather of the land – this is a tribe with a story. Virtually every ethnic group has cultural norms that are passed down from one generation to another. To the southeast, they share a border with the principal inhabitants of Itsekiri who live in the north-west end of the Niger Delta. As of today, after numerous political divisions and influences, the Yoruba are the main ethnic group in Ekiti, Lagos, Ogun, Ondo, Osun, and Oyo State, and they also make up a sizable proportion of Kwara, Kogi and Edo State in Nigeria. Other popular arts and craft work by the Yoruba include the Adire, an indigo-dyed cloth made using resistant-dye techniques. One of the features that make Yoruba people unique is their tendency to form into large city groups instead of small village groups. The traditional Yoruba kingships still survive, but with only a hint of their former political power.

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